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Saturday , October 1 2022
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AWBI To Act Against Illegal dog breeding

AWBI To Act Against Illegal dog breeding

Now Trying To Sell Dogs Via Social Media Is Going To be Illegal

In an effort to stop rampant illegal dog breeding and sale, the AWBI has issued instructions where all dog breeders in Hyderabad will require to register with the State Animal Welfare Board to continue their dog breeding sales. If they don’t comply and register, they will have to face the consequences.

Arvind Kumar, the Principal Secretary, Municipal Administration & Urban Development, said that all the instructions had been provided to concerned officials in the state to ensure all the dog breeders abide by the latest rules and Prevention of Cruelty Animals Act.

According to the letter he addressed to the GHMC Commissioner, there should be a complete spread of information to all the dog breeders across the state about the PCA act and mandatory registration rule.

He also mentioned that any sale of pets via social media would be illegal. Any online transactions for purchase have to be registered with the State Board. He tasked the IT department to look out for illegal online transactions, and any social media promoted sales via the breeders. Strict action will be taken against the rule-breakers.

He also said that the Dog Breeders have four months to comply with the latest regulations and registration.

The Municipal Corporation, Police, and Animal Husbandry will work together to take strict action against illegal breeding in Cyberabad, Rachakonda, and Hyderabad. They will also submit a report on action taken with the government by August 15.

Source: The Hindu

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