A Leopard Attacks a Dog Sleeping Next To a Man.
Tuesday , July 23 2024
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A leopard attacks a dog sleeping next to a man. Watch chilling video
Leopard takes away dog who was sleeping beside a man.(Twitter/@Neha Panchamiya)

A Leopard Attacks a Dog Sleeping Next To a Man. Watch Chilling Video

A viral video showing a leopard seizing a slumbering dog beside a man has captured significant attention on social media. This astonishing video has left numerous individuals astounded.

Encounters involving close proximity between untamed creatures and humans can often pose a risk. Several videos have demonstrated how narrowly humans have escaped the clutches of the wild. Currently, such video is rapidly spreading across the internet. The clip shows a man peacefully asleep on a cot alongside a stray dog when suddenly a leopard emerges from behind the man.

Twitter user Neha Panchamiya shared a video of closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage. The footage shows a man comfortably dozing on a cot, accompanied by a stray dog. After a few minutes, a leopard materializes from behind the man and leisurely wanders about. Upon noticing the dog, the leopard grabs it and departs. The dog’s subsequent barking alerts the man to the unfolding events, leaving him utterly shocked as he gazes at the leopard.

This video was shared on May 16 and has garnered over one lakh views since its posting. It has also received numerous likes and comments.

A person wrote, “His fuses went blank after knowing what happened.” A second user shared, “I have seen this many times during childhood. Instead of dogs, they took goats from our village.” “That is a huge leopard. I doubt he would’ve attacked the man had the dog not been there. Jim Corbett’s book gives a real insight into big cats’ behaviour. Leopards are real smart, which explains how they’ve adapted to living in such close proximity to humans,”  third said.

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