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Thursday , July 18 2024
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7 Pawsome Things To Do For Your Dogs Birthday

7 Pawsome Things To Do For Your Dogs Birthday

It’s time to shower some love and cuddles because it is your dog’s birthday.

For all the things your dog has done for you, he deserves to feel special on the day he was born.

So a mere “happy birthday” is not going to work well this year.

But what else can you do?

7 pawsome things you should definitely try for your dog’s birthday

1. A Handmade Painting From Photo

Pet Portrait

The only fault your dog has is that his life is too short to make u for things he has done for you.

One of the most touching things you can do for your dog’s birthday is to get him a handmade pet portrait from a photo.

It does not take a lot of time to navigate through the internet and find the best service for handmade paintings.

Your fur frenzy friend may not be there with you forever but you can cherish the memories by crystallizing them.

A handmade painting may not really make any difference in your doggo’s life.

However, it will definitely create a poignant change in your life after he is gone.

A portrait can speak of wonderful moments which you could never have enough of.

Hang with pride on the wall of your house and let his presence be immortalized on a canvas of colors.

2. Throw A Pupper Party

Throw A Pupper Party

A dog is the only person who would love you more than himself and so if every dog has to have his day…

…make sure he has the best of it.

Throw a pupper party on your dog’s birthday by inviting all his friends.

You can also order a specially baked dog-friendly cake and enough treats to last for his best day.

To make things interesting, give the party an exotic theme and get a group photo shoot done for the gang.

It’s fascinating to be around friends especially when you have such delicious meals to devour together.

It will not only make your pooch feel ecstatic but he will always remember you for being kind enough to call his unruly friends over.

3. Puppy Ball Pit

Puppy Ball Pit

Now you can’t deny the fact that your ears are up every time you pick his toy ball.

As much as he loves you, he can give his life for this ball.

You know what to do, don’t you?

Give him a gift of a lifetime – a pit full of balls.

Let him loose and you will never see a happier rolling pupper.

No matter how fancy modern dog toys are, the best you can give him is a simple paradise filled with balls. It always gets them.

In fact, studies say that chasing and playing with balls can make your dog calm, composed and of course extremely cheerful.

4. Open Air Dog Movie Night

Movie Night

Movie nights are undoubtedly the best thing in the world.

On this dog’s birthday take your pupper out for an open-air dog movie night.

Maybe a little Hachiko or A dog’s purpose will definitely be a good deal.

There may be a lot of such events happening around from time to time.

Just book a cozy corner for the two of you with a bucket of dog-friendly pupcorn and chill your dog’s night out.

What’s interesting? Your pupper will get to meet a lot of other dogs and make friends.

Well, there’s a brownie for you too. What if you bump into somebody you can never let go of?

Besides, who doesn’t want to be a part of an amazing dog community which is also a group of cinephiles?

It would definitely be a dream come true for my

5. A Doppelganger

Toy Doppleganger

Why have one when you can have two?

Gift your furry baby a “mini-me” plushy, a stuffed toy version of your pupper.

These toys are known to provide comfort to dog moms and remind them of their litter.

It will not only work as a wonderful companion for doggo but will also keep him busy with play.

A perfect doppelganger with absolutely no maintenance.

There may come a chance when his biting instincts may drive him to tear the toy apart but at least it will keep him happy and relaxed on your dogs birthday.

6. A Hairdo


Dog fur can be annoying especially when it is the shedding season.

Although I wear my dog’s fur with pride, a trendy dog hairdo will definitely take your baby’s fashion game to next level.

Book an appointment with the best stylist in town and let your dog’s new year be new for him.

There are a whole bunch of hairstyles you missing out on.

A spa day with a relaxing bath and a fancy haircut will definitely make his day.

And if everything goes well, you will have yourself a handsome pupper sleeping beside you in bed.

7. A Treat Dispenser With Camera

Treat dispenser

I personally believe that spending more time with your doggo can really be a thing but since it’s a modern world, we have a treat dispenser.

We all know that dogs legit dig for treats but most of the time we are not around to satiate our baby’s treat needs.

With that thought, an extremely intelligent hooman came up with the idea of an automatic treat dispenser that can be controlled by your even when you are not at home.

Just lookout for the sensor notification, and click on the dispense button. It will automatically realize treat for your pupper.

Interestingly, it notifies you every time your dog is near the sensor and has a camera attached to look over your dog’s activities.

Modern problems? Modern solutions

While there are many ways to make your puppers feel special, our favorite remains a handmade painting.

Because among all the other things, a handmade painting will never end up in a storeroom.

After all, dogs have a definite life span and you being his favorite hooman are ought to make every day of his life count.

The least you can do is take out some time off your busy routine and spend it playing or simply cuddling with your furry baby.

There is nothing more important for your dog than a day well spent with you.

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