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Friday , August 14 2020
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7 Dogs Saved From An Illegal Dog Slaughterhouse In China

While the Yulin festival continues in China for another 2 days, authorities in Dalian, China managed to shut down an illegal dog slaughterhouse. Humane Society International (HSI) reported that they were able to save 7 dogs from the slaughterhouse.

The information about the illegal dog slaughterhouse came from an outraged citizen.

Among the rescued dogs were few breeds like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and a Rottweiler. When the authorities raided the slaughterhouse, the owner surrendered the caged dogs to the organization. Vshine, a partner of HSI provided veterinary aid to the dogs after taking them to their shelter.

Currently, the rescued dogs are being kept at Vshine’s animal shelter, where they will recover from the abuse dealt with them at the slaughterhouse.

The citizens of the Dalian showed great initiative in closing down all the dog slaughterhouses in the city. In fact, none of the restaurants in Dalian serve dog meat in their menu. The citizens of Dalian condemn the Yulin festival and care very much for dogs and cats. The Dalian police have also acted swiftly in shutting down the cruel dog and cat meat trade overnight.

The rescued dogs were found to be wearing pet collar and it is suspected that the animals were pet dogs before they were stolen by the Slaughterhouse owners for the dog meat trade.

Dr. Peter Li, Humane Society International’s China policy expert said in a statement,

“The dog meat trade is not welcome in Dalian, with the local police and animal activists using China’s food safety laws to eliminate this cruelty in the absence of any animal protection legislation. If all Chinese police acted the same, we could have a massive impact on the dog and cat meat trade. If China went further and introduced a robust animal cruelty law, we could eradicate the trade very quickly.”

HSI reports that around 10 million dogs get killed per year in China’s dog meat trade. The dogs are taken from the street and people’s backyards. As per a 2016 survey by the China Animal Welfare Association and HSI, 52% of Chinese citizens want dog meat trade to be banned, 64% were in favor of banning Yulin festival for good and 70% never tried dog meat.

Source: HSI.org.

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