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Saturday , September 26 2020
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32-year-old in Sikkim Arrested for Brutally Killing Dog after Quarrel With Family

A 32-year-old man in Sikkim, a state that celebrates ‘Kukur Tihar’ (Dog Puja), was arrested by police on charges of brutally killing a dog leading to locals demanding justice.

A complaint was filed by the owner of the dog and later by the People For Animals (PFA), Sikkim, following which the police took action against the man. However, he was later released on bail.

“We were informed about the incident by our local police who said that the owner wants to withdraw the complaint on pressure from family. We immediately lodged a complaint at the police station in Gangtok,” said Srijana Khaling, PFA member who filed an FIR along with Deepika Pradhan and Anu Thami. A case under IPC sections 428, 429, 201 has been registered against the man.

The accused identified as Naren Tamang, a contractual driver and resident of Rongyek in East Sikkim’s Maney Dara village allegedly killed his cousin’s pet dog following a squabble between the two.

Tamang later tried to hide the evidence by throwing the dog’s body off a cliff. With the help of the police, the PFA team found the body of the dog in a jungle below the cliff. A post mortem was then conducted at Sarah hospital. He reportedly committed the crime in order to send a message across to his relatives as to how dangerous he can be.

“He did not just kill the dog but he also tried to hide evidence. The post mortem report left us numb. The man stabbed Bacha (the dog) on his head, mouth until his tongue was cut into pieces. Bacha struggled for his life, he cried for help but unfortunately, only its lady owner was there, who was too scared to stop Tamang. Bacha at his half-conscious state tried to run away but failed. The man again caught him and cut his ear and continuously hit him on his head. After that he dragged him and threw him off the cliff near his house,” said Khaling.

Hailing the police for its prompt action, Khaling said, “We must mention Sikkim police that did a commendable job by arresting the culprit the same day around 10 pm, but we can’t let him get away.” Justice must be served, she added.

Source: News18

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