3 Stray Puppies Die After Ingesting Rat Poison On Mumbai
Saturday , July 20 2024
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3 Stray Puppies Die After Ingesting Rat Poison In Naigaon, Mumbai

In a bizarre incident, bodies of 3 puppies and a dog were found dead in a housing society in Naigaon, Mumbai. The puppies were allegedly poisoned to death.

It was found that there were other puppies and dogs as well who ingested rat poison, but were saved by the animal lovers in the area.

Police suspects that the stray puppies and dogs consumed rat poison placed at various locations in the Gokuldam Society No 6. The building residents said that the staff from the pest control is responsible for placing rat poison across the area in order to curb rodent menace in the gutters and gardens in and around the society.

One of the building residents, Nirupama Singh alleged that society committee members had asked the stray dog feeders in the society to relocate the dogs. They had asked for 2 to 3 month time as the puppies were just two weeks old. She also alleged that the rat poison was strategically placed in the society compound and parking area where these stray puppies and dogs spent most of their time.

Mitesh Jain, the District officer said that more care should have been taken while placing rat poison, as children and stray dog move around that area. A case under section 429 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act has been registered with the Valiv police station against unidentified people.

The CCTV footage is going to be examined by the police to rule out any foul play and intentional poisoning of the stray puppies and dogs. Police will also question the pest control staff.

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