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Friday , August 14 2020
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Yoga Day | Dog Units Of Indian Army And BSF Performing Yoga

Today was International Yoga Day, and you won’t see a prettier picture than dog units of Indian Army and BSF performing asanas with their handlers. While you may have seen these dogs doing tasks like patrolling and explosive detection, today it was all about doing asanas with their trainers to celebrate International Yoga day.

Army Dog Unit

BSF Dog Unit

The video of the dog unit in the Border Security Force was amazing too. It had a couple of dogs that didn’t seem too keen on rolling over:

The dog units of the Army normally perform tasks like patrolling, guarding, tracking, avalanche rescue operations, explosives and mine detection. The scope of training for the unit has also been expanded to search and rescue operations, crude oil leakage detection and detection of improvised explosive devices.

PM Modi kicked off International Yoga Day celebrations in Jharkhand’s Ranchi and an estimated 30,000 enthusiasts took part in the celebration. The theme for this year’s event, which is marked by various events across the world, is ‘Climate Action’.

Did you celebrate Yoga Day with your dog too? Share your pictures with us!

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