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Worried About Leaving Your Dog Home Alone? Here’s A Device For You

If you are a pet parent, you would agree that the most worrying thought of any pet parent is to lose a pet. We usually worry about our pets even when we leave them alone at home.

We are always wondering whether they are safe or not, or whether they wandered outside the house. What if someone takes them? These are some worries that we all pet parents can connect to, right?

Like us, three young men from Bengaluru – Siddharth, Advaith, and Ajith thought the same. The danger of losing a pet in today’s world is quite high.

Every day you could read or learn about a fellow pet parent whose pet got stolen or lost. So, to help and offer emotional security and peace of mind to the pet parents across India, they came up with Wagr!

Wagr is a wearable pet tracking device that comes with a mobile application that allows dog owners to track their dog’s movements and activities in real-time. Its aim is to make dog-parenting easier.

We at DogExpress, recently got in touch with the Wagr team to get to know more about them and their amazing device. Here is an interview that we did with them.

How does it all start and what was the inspiration behind Wagr?

It all started when Advaith, one of the co-founders adopted an Indie dog called Jambi. He realized how much of a responsibility it was to take care of a dog. He had also lost his dog as a child and knew the pain which comes with that experience.

So he and Ajith, started to think of ways to help dog parents ensure the safety and well-being of their dogs. They also talked to a lot of dog parents to better understand their needs and finally decided to build a wearable device that allows dog parents to track their dog’s location and activity wherever they are.

After Advaith moved into Siddharth’s place with Jambi, he also came on board to build Wagr as a business.

What is Wagr?

Wagr is a small, light, and comfortable pet tracking device that tracks your dog’s location & activity. This dog tracker attaches to your dog’s collar and through the companion, the mobile app tells you everything you need to know to ensure their safety and fitness.

You can find out exactly where they are at all times, and what they’re up to. Wagr lets you build safe zones on the app. It lets the whole family know if the dog has left home and helped them find him/her.

So, you won’t lose your dog. It also tracks the dog’s activity (resting, walking, playing, etc.). It lets you know what your dog is up to in real-time and also analyzes these trends to give insightful tips through the Wagr app.

The Wagr app does a lot more as well. It lets you find the best services and products for your dog, set reminders about everything from vaccinations to grooming appointments, and helps them be a part of the dog community. Together the device and app help you keep your dog safe, fit, healthy, and happy.

Who is this device for?

Wagr is for the modern dog parent. The ones for whom a dog is more than just a pet, but a member of the family. Wagr is way more than just a GPS tracker.

It allows dog parents to understand their dogs much better and take better decisions when it comes to their safety and well-being.

Why would people buy it?

With Wagr’s location tracking feature, dog parents need not worry about losing their dog ever. That is one of the primary reasons why people are pre-ordering the device right now.

Wagr’s advanced activity detection feature also allows dog parents to better understand their dog’s behavior and be aware of any concerning changes in their dog’s daily activities.

How does it work?

The device contains GPS sensors that track your dog’s location at all times. It also contains an accelerator and gyroscope which tracks your dog’s motion characteristics.

Wagr’s machine learning algorithms take into account factors such as your dog’s breed, gender, age, etc. to understand his or her activity patterns.

This data is then transmitted using either WiFi, Bluetooth, or GSM, depending on what the user chooses.

Tell us more about the team behind Wagr

Advaith, Ajith, and Siddharth are the co-founders of Wagr. All of them are musicians and even met for the first time through music. Advaith finished his B.Tech in IIT Madras before working in Flipkart for 3 years, leading the digital marketing team there.

Ajith has a background in electronics, having completed his master’s at the Technical University of Munich, before doing a 4-year stint in Broadcom, designing wireless chips for Samsung and Apple.

Siddharth was a Business Intelligence consultant at Thorough good Associates and also set up the Bangalore Chapter of the Becoming I Foundation, an award-winning NGO focused on children’s education.

Wagr also has a large and diverse team behind it, with skill sets ranging from design and branding to firmware development.


How much would this device cost?

When it hits the market later this year, Wagr will cost Rs 7000. But currently, it is available for pre-order with 50% off for Rs 3500.

There is a monthly subscription cost of Rs 99 for the pre-installed SIM card, of which the first 6 months are free. We’ve worked very hard to ensure that the device is rugged, waterproof, and really safe and comfortable for all dogs.

What’s in the future for Wagr?

We are focused on getting Wagr out into the Indian market as soon as possible. Post-launch, we will be working on improving Wagr’s feature set with the goal of becoming a one-stop platform for all dog parents.

What would you consider as SUCCESS?

For us, success is only measured in terms of how much our users love the product and the value they get from it.

How do we get our hands on this device?

Wagr is currently available on our website (www.wagr.in) for pre-order. You can get it at a reduced price right now. When we launch later this year, Wagr will be available on our website as well as at select pet retail stores in each city.

Lastly, what do you think about DogExpress?

We love the work DogExpress is doing in getting out relevant and positive stories to dog parents in India. We hope to work closely with DogExpress through Wagr’s journey.

You can check out more about Wagr on their site here – wagr.in!

Share your thoughts or questions with us in the comments below!

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