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Saturday , July 20 2024
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Why Do Dogs Make Good Childhood Friends?

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There will come a time when a child would start asking their parents for a pet animal, and when it comes to child-friendly pets, many people go for dogs as they make excellent childhood pets. Have you ever wondered why dogs are considered the best childhood friends?

Well, it’s not just because dogs are cute and fluffy. Having a pet dog during the younger years can actually help a child become a better person as they grow up. Let’s take a look at some reasons why a man’s best friend is also the best childhood pet.

1. A dog can help a child become more responsible

To a child, a pet dog could easily be one of their closest friends; one that they get to spend time with even after school or during weekdays. It’s natural for a child to develop a desire to make sure that their furry friend stays well-fed, healthy, and happy.

This encourages them to develop responsible routines such as feeding the dog on a regular basis or giving them baths every now and then.

2. A pet dog can teach a child to develop compassion

Having a pet dog also helps children learn how to control their emotions. If educated properly, a child will understand that their pet dog may be prone to being noisy or chewing on different things, but dogs do it because of either lack of training or pure instincts. This way, a child will learn not to lash out at their pet dog when it does something “bad”.

3. Dogs make good friends

Being pack animals, dogs are very social creatures, and they would always want to be next to their masters. This can be a great source of emotional support for children who don’t have good social skills because they will never feel truly alone. Their pets will always be there for them.

4. Dogs help children make friends

Aside from being good friends, dogs can also help children actually make new friends. It’s common for children to start talking about their pets, and it might be the common ground that a shy child needs to start relating to other kids.

5. Having a dog promotes a healthy lifestyle

Dogs have to be taken out for a walk, with some breeds requiring more outside trips than others. This can encourage children to go outside and engage in physical activities themselves.

It might not be much for some children, but a regular stroll outside at least once a day is better than just spending days holed up in their rooms.

6. Dogs can help boost children’s immune systems

Dogs can help boost children's immune systems

It’s not just about the exercise; according to studies, children in households that have a pet dog are less likely to develop common respiratory and skin-related allergies. There is also evidence suggesting that the bacteria found in dogs may be just enough to keep a child’s immune system active.

Dogs live long enough for children to reach their teenage years. Growing side by side with their masters while providing the benefits mentioned above is more than enough reason to believe that dogs really are the best childhood friends.

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Hello,I am Carolyn. Managing the blog www.petful101.com because I love animals very much, especially dogs. I have 7 dogs, 2 cats and 5 fishes. I walk with my dogs every weekend and I also join the dog club in my area. We often take care of the dogs which are left and have no home. I adopted 4 dogs within my 7 dogs. I hope that you will love my blog as much as you love animals.

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