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What Popular Technologies Are Dog Owners Using Right Now

What Popular Technologies Are Dog Owners Using Right Now?

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Are you caring for your dog the old way? It is time to explore the best pet innovations for your pet’s wellness to improve their well-being. What do dog owners buy most? From Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker to Fuzzy Pet Health, we have selected the best tech products for your pet’s health and well-being.

Ensure your online safety first

Most of these tech products require you to spend much time on the internet; therefore, you should remain cautious when using them. It will help if you use a VPN extension to protect your data. After all, when using a VPN, you will have peace of mind using the internet to access your smart pet technologies.

Get a free VPN extension for Chrome on the play store with a free trial to safeguard your internet security. Install it on your device, and you won’t get any security threats. The VeePN for Chrome would work perfectly for you. Use the correct server to get a new IP address for more efficiency.

The IP address will keep your online identity hidden. The VeePN Chrome extension will also protect you from fraudsters and hackers who want to access your data illegally. It will also help you access your data in a different location to get innovative pet products.

What Is Pet Tech?

It is an advanced way of caring for pets where technology is applied to improve the general living conditions of pets. We have mentioned some of the best tech products below that every dog owner should have.

Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

This device is made for dogs with nine pounds and above. The Tractive GPS dog tracker can be used to track more than 150 countries globally. This device is connected using an app (Android or iOS and any browser you would prefer.

It is fully waterproof and light in weight, making it suitable for dogs who like playing in water or muddy surroundings. When fully charged, its tracker can last for two to five days. To use this device, you have to subscribe to a monthly subscription to use this device.

Gobone smart dog toy

The Gobone smart dog toy is an intelligent device that gives your dog useful mind games. This “intelligent toy” changes its behavior depending on your dog’s weight, age, play style, and breed. Or show some funny tricks by controlling a bone using an app. It doesn’t matter what game your dog is playing; all games will have important mental stimulation and great fun until you are back.

Whistle GO Explore GPS Pet Location Tracker

This device uses Google maps and AT&T’s wireless network. This device will show your dog’s live location and notifies you when the dog will leave its current location. When fully charged, it can work continuously for around 20 days. Go Explore summarizes the weekly health report every seven days. According to your preference, you can set this device such that more than one owner can receive alerts.

Apart from monitoring their location, you can also learn what goals your dog has, their health behaviors and how you can help them. With this app, you will need a monthly or yearly subscription.


This intelligent device is specifically made for dog pets. It is among the top activity monitor tech devices for dogs. It is an easy-to-use device for dog owners, enabling them to know their daily activities and weight. Pitpat is robust, light, and waterproof, making them suitable for active dogs. Its new features, like interactive challenges and badges, will encourage the most reluctant pet owners to accompany their dogs for a walk.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Have you asked yourself what every dog owner should use? If you are looking forward to getting a good pet hair vacuum at an affordable price, this is the best match. It is suitable for hard floors and is designed to find and suck any unnecessary dog fur in your living room.

For more efficiency, it is designed to self-charge and can work continuously for up to 100 minutes. Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is fitted with intelligent sensors to run smoothly all over your place. You can either set it to start cleaning at a particular time or use a remote control when you are ready to start cleaning.

Fuzzy Pet Health

Fuzzy Pet Health is a dog welfare platform that offers helpful services by verified vets every day of the week. You need to activate it on your mobile application to get started. This platform also links pet owners to the most experienced vets and innovative pet products they can purchase online.

Wrapping up

While dog care has been part of the life of most pet owners, there have been a few changes over the past few years; innovations have taken it to another level due to technological advancements. Did you know that the US healthcare market is worth $99 billion? This is because 67% of people own pets. The emergence of social media and the internet means that there are tools that would improve the care of dog pets and make their lives easier. Most pet owners want to make their pets healthy, happy, and safe.

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