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Viral Video

Video of Dog Beaten to Death Goes Viral | New Delhi

Recently, another video of animal cruelty went viral on social media. A stray dog was allegedly beaten to death by a security guard inside the campus of Delhi Technological University (DTU) on Thursday in New Delhi. The viral video has prompted the police to register an FIR against the accused. Animal rights activists continue to protest against the killing!

According to University officials

A university official told police that the dog had bitten more than a dozen people in the campus. They say that this was why violence was the only way to control the stray dog menace.

Police registers an FIR

Ayesha Christina of NGO Neighborhood Woof lodged a police complaint and posted the video which showed the guard hitting the dog’s head with a stick.

A senior DTU official said an enquiry has been set up but the accused is yet to be identified. “We have set up an inquiry committee to look into the issue. The guard has not been identified yet. However, the particular dog has been found difficult to control in past as well. It has harmed 10-12 students earlier too.”

The Viral video

(Warning: Graphic Content)

The incident led to protest in the university with students demanding action against the guard.

Ayesha Christina posted a long post on Facebook saying “right now, we will not compromise and are united on two points: the guard be handed over to police custody and that the person/ authority who instructed the guard be caught and booked as well.”

Source: News18

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