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Wednesday , October 4 2023
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Vets Save A Dog Infested With 100,000 Fleas

Vets Save A Dog Infested With 100,000 Fleas

A small dog was on the brink of death after it was covered in 100,000 fleas. With the help from a team of veterinarians at Nanaimo SPCA on Vancouver Island, the 14-year-old terrier named Rascal was given another lease on life.

When vets first saw the dog, they thought he was covered in dirt. But, when they looked closer, the dirt was actually tens of thousands of fleas feasting and living in Rascal’s fur.

The dog had lost 85 percent of his blood, and vets said the terrier was in critical distress.

“Fleas feed on blood, which is why poor Rascal was in critical distress when he came into our care. He was literally dying from fleas,” said Tina Heary, BC SPCA senior animal protection officer.

Vets immediately decided to give the pooch an emergency blood transfusion after they found another dog that was a universal blood donor. The procedure took about four hours.

For now, the terrier is recovering and will later be put up for adoption.

“We strongly encourage pet guardians to consult their veterinarian about flea prevention, which costs considerably less than having to treat an infestation,” said Heary.


“It is also important to note that flea control products for dogs are very different from flea treatments for cats and that using the wrong product can be toxic for your pet.”

Source: BC SPCA

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