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Thursday , September 29 2022
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Two People Bring Dog Rescue And Rabies Awareness in Chandigarh

A Mechanical Engineer, Inder Sandhu, after having worked in the US from last 18 years, has now started working on animal rescue and rabies awareness in the Tricity region (Panchkula, Mohali, and Chandigarh).

Aim behind dog rescue

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Inder wants to address the people about misinformation and fear associated with animals, specifically dogs.

Mr. Inder said, “I started volunteering for the cause of animal rescue in the US. I have been working for animal control for 6 years now.” He, along with Tina Nieri, runs “Peedu’s People: Educating humans about UNDERdogs.”

Dog bite incident

About the increase in the dog bite cases in the Tricity, Inder said, “Such incidents usually occur when dogs are in heat. For that, we conduct animal birth control. Since one year we started working, we have been able to conduct 30 to 40 birth control operations on dogs. We aim at addressing the spiralling human-animal conflict.”

Inder and Tina have been working closely with SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), Chandigarh to nurse animals back to health and helping them get adopted.

Dog Rescue

Dog Rescue

They have rescued 27 severely injured dogs and nursed them back to health. Tina, who has 18 years of experience in rescue shelters and has served as an animal control officer in the USA.

Tina said, “We have an adoption network in the US. Interested people reach out to us and fill an adoption form. Thereafter, an inquiry is made as to whether they are fit to adopt and take care of the dog or not. If everything checks, funds are raised to fly the dogs to their new homes.”

They have helped 18 stray dogs get adopted.

Inder said, “Peedu is a registered NGO. Currently, we have 15 to 20 volunteers, who help us conduct rescue work. We have organized seminars on veganism, animal cruelty and rabies awareness in the city.”

Currently nursing a dog suffering from a severe infection, Inder said, “She was emaciated when we found her and she could not even lift her head. She had 17 open wounds and large festering sores on her body. Proper medicines and vaccinations have been provided to her and in a month she will be ready for adoption.”

Source: The Times Of India

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