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electric crematorium for Stray dogs

Tricity’s First Electric Crematorium For Animals

Tricity is all set to come up with first electric crematorium for animals in Chandigarh by October. The municipal corporation (MC) of Chandigarh has already started working on this project. Mohali MC is also mulling setting up of a similar project in their area to earmark a place to cremate pets and stray animals.

The cremation charges are yet to be decided by the MC.

No proper place to bury animals after their death

Pet owners, as well as the authorities, are facing a similar problem of finding a proper place to bury animals after their death.  At present, in absence of a place for funeral or cremation for animals, those having pets are left with no option but to bury them in open space after their death.

There have been a number of cases in the past in which the stray dogs were found dead on the roadside but the authorities had to bury it in an open space. This can lead to spread disease in the Tricity.

Chandigarh MC commissioner, KK Yadav said that he is aware of this problem. Recently, a decision has been taken to have electric crematorium for animals in the city. The tenders for the project have already been floated and it is expected to be ready for use by the next three months. He also proposed that the Chandigarh MC can allow Mohali MC to bury their animals till their own crematorium is ready.

Mohali MC commissioner Sandeep Hans said that animal burial is a serious issue as there are instances where dogs having rabies were buried in the open.

“This results in seeping in of germs under the ground and can have severe health impacts. Considering this, the authorities are coming up with an animal cremation ground in the area. It will serve as a source of revenue generation for the MC and hence, it is better to have our own crematorium, rather than depending on Chandigarh for the same.”

Where else in India?

Currently, there are 6 animal crematoriums in four cities of India. Three of them are in New Delhi and one each in Mumbai, Mangalore, and Kolkata. Four of these cremation grounds bury animals in an open space earmarked for the purpose, and two provide the facility of the electric pyre to cremate for animals.

Reference: The Times Of India

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