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Tuesday , October 19 2021
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Therapy dogs

Therapy Dogs Help Stressed Fliers Feel Better At Mumbai Airport

People usually have a fear of heights or flying. Some fliers feel stressed out when they travel by plane on a regular basis. To help stressed fliers overcome their stress and fear, and feel better, an Indian airport has hired cuddly therapy dogs. These dogs help calm down jittery passengers and de-stress while travelling via air. It is Mumbai Airport’s international terminal that has appointed two trained therapy dogs to help stressed fliers feel better.

Therapy dogs

Therapy dogs to sniff out your fear_1

Therapy dogs are basically little furry celebrities that regularly plays host to real celebrities. These two Labrador therapy dogs are still sniffer dogs, but they’ve been trained by Pune’s Animal Angels Therapy Centre to sniff out your fear. Its best way especially for those passengers who travel long distances or with kids.

therapy dogs, to sniff out your fear_2

 People did not expect such an initiative

Therapy dogs to sniff out your fear_3

Here is an image of a passenger who was feeling low as they missed their flight and was stranded at the airport for a day, when they saw dogs at airport they felt happy and started playing with the two therapy dogs, Goldie and Pepe.

Therapy dogs to sniff out your fear_4

“What an amazing and needed facet of airports. After a long painful day at the Mumbai airport Goldie and Pepe brought ‘humanity’ into an otherwise dehumanizing experience,” he wrote in the airport feedback form.

Do you think all Indian airports should have therapy dogs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Source: IndiaTimes

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