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Thursday , June 8 2023
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The Best YouTube Channels for Training Your Pets

The Best YouTube Channels for Training Your Pets

A picture is worth many words, as the saying goes. When training a dog or teaching a dog new tricks, a moving picture is even more effective than a still one. A pet can be trained through a variety of methods, some of which can be demonstrated through the use of video.

In addition, there are currently many best dog training videos on YouTube channels, each of which is stuffed to the brim with wonderful videos that can be viewed on YouTube at no cost whatsoever.

The web that is YouTube is enormous and intricate. You’ll find that each video channel connects you to further video channels that have the best dog training videos.

Therefore, it might be quite useful to have a selection of “core” channels to concentrate on and return to from time to time. In addition, it is unfortunate that several unsuitable dog trainers still operate worldwide that employ antiquated and harsh training techniques.

As a result, it is concluded that it would be beneficial to build a list of the best dog training videos on YouTube to provide motivation and assistance for you on your journey with your dog.

Top 7 Best Dog Training YouTube Channels

We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 best dog training videos on YouTube. These videos will assist you in getting your new puppy off to a healthy and happy start. However, with your dog’s training, don’t forget the safety of your device.

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Now let’s take a look at the 7 best dog training videos on the best YouTube channels:

1. Sophia Yin

What is the best dog training video? While researching and writing this piece, we learned with great sadness that American behaviorist and veterinarian Sophia Yin had lately passed away. As a pioneering advocate of non-coercive dog training, Sophia made significant contributions to the online knowledge of canine behavior and training.

Her effort has helped countless dogs and puppies, and her videos are still accessible online as of this writing. We hope they stay so that additional dog owners can enjoy them. Nearly 6,000 people subscribe to Sophia’s channel and will miss her a lot.

2. Pamela Marxsen – Pam’s Dog Academy

Dog training videos may be found in plenty at Pam’s Dog Academy, which should keep you occupied for many hours. Her playlist for loose leash walking contains 33 videos in total. There are numerous instances of the most and least frequent dog training techniques. Pam has more than 18,000 subscribers.

3. Donna Hill

She has some great instructions, and most of her videos are well-produced with various camera angles, making them pleasing to the eye. Donna also has some helpful films on caring for dogs, including ones that demonstrate how to get your dog to enjoy getting her teeth cleaned or her nails clipped. You may find a helpful index to all of her dog videos here. Nearly 7,000 people subscribe to Donna.

4. Heather Brook – Just Jesse

A cute Jack Russell Terrier named Jesse. He is a well-known “star” on the internet, and this YouTube channel serves more as his “show” than as a website for tutorials. However, it is entertaining to watch, and Heather Brook’s website has more information about how she works with Jesse. Over 9,000 fans of Jesse, the Jack Russell, subscribe to him!

5. Grisha Stewart – Ahisma Dog

For her BAT expertise, Grisha is best renowned. Checking out her channel is a must if you’re one of the many people who deal with a hyperactive dog. However, any dog owner would do well to check their YouTube channel, which is full of practical tutorials and suggestions. There are more than 2000 subscribers to Grisha.

6. Emily Larlham – Kikopup

Kikopup, one of the most comprehensive and in-depth YouTube dog training channels, is run by Swedish dog trainer Emily Larlham. Kikopup is perfect for those new to positive reinforcement training because it contains many in-depth films on the fundamentals of key obedience behaviors and is jam-packed with instructional videos on all facets of dog training. Kikopup has more than 86,000 subscribers.

7. Tab Shamsi – Training Positive

The videos by Tab Shamsi are also excellent for total novices. Unfortunately, he is no longer consistently posting videos, but if you haven’t seen his collection of the best dog training videos, his channel is well worth a look. His videos are professionally produced and shot, and the directions are detailed and understandable. There are more than 141 000 subscribers to Tab.

Every one of the channels that you find listed employs modern training techniques that are kind to the dogs featured on them and are mostly based on scientific research.

They are all distinct from one another. Some of these are primarily instructional or “how-to” videos. Some of them are only demonstrations of the results that can be obtained through positive reinforcement training.

There are some truly incredible videos available online. We hope you had fun with the ones listed. Remember to share your personal favorites in the comments section!

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