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Sunday , January 23 2022
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Some Interactive Dog Toys To Assist The Busy Pet Owners

Some Interactive Dog Toys To Assist The Busy Pet Owners

While considering interactive toys for the canines, the first name that comes to mind is the Wobble Wag Interactive Dog Toy. It is one of the brilliant dog toys in the market. It is designed specially so that your furball can stay active.

When they pick it up or push it, the toy would make giggly and funny sounds. The design is one without a battery. Hence, it is a great option to keep your baby occupied, even when you are not around.

The sounds emanating from these devices would make them curious. Wobble Wag can justifiably be called the correct stimulus your dog needs to keep them active.

With these toys by your side, you can now bid an adieu (goodbye) to their destructive behavior. Wobble Wag would keep them physically active and mentally sound.

The toy is already one of the best sellers in the USA (United States of America) and the UK (United Kingdom). It is available in India these days. You can be sure that this would be the perfect surprise for your baby.

Trembling Monster

Trembling Monster-DUNZO

The Trembling Monster is what you must resort to if looking for dog toys that move.

It has quick and accurate motion sensors that bark, jump, and tremble when your dog bites them. The same applies if they show aggression towards the toy or sniff it.

It has been well-designed to keep your dog occupied for many hours at a stretch. The toy would react to your dog in such a way that it would seem like prey to them.

It would go a long way towards improving their playing experience. It is an especially great option for hyperactive and aggressive dogs.

As we have said, when the Trembling Monster makes sounds and jumps, it makes your dog think they are hunting prey. It makes them attack the toy with much more gusto.

It makes sure that your dog’s destructive instincts are slowly ebbing away. The toy can be called a real-life playmate for your dog so that it complements their mood.

It does not matter if they are aggressive, frightening, or playful. The Trembling Monster would know the way it must react to the situation.

Hence, this can be the perfect toy for your dogs.

Magic Roller

magic roller Ubuy

If you are looking for the perfect way to bust the boredom your dog is experiencing, you should go for the Magic Roller. This innovative toy is developed effectively.

Hence, it can help stimulate dogs’ senses to stay active. Always remember if your pets are active, they will be happy. It would ensure there is no such unnecessary destructive behavior from their end.

Here, we are referring to the destructive behavior that happens because your dog is bored.

Playing with this toy makes sure that the joints and muscles of your dog are in great shape. It also helps that these balls are non-toxic plastic. It means opposed to the regular plastic balls, these toys would not affect the health of your pets.

Wicked Ball

wicked ball GEECR Store

Wicked Ball is a moving toy, and the unique thing about this one is that cats can play with it as well apart from the dogs. It is highly accurate when it comes to stimulating the hunting instincts in your pet.

They help dogs make the most of the playtime in a day. It is an automatic toy and is available with three modes of interaction. They are supposed to match the energy levels of your dog.

Thus, they make sure that the dogs are engaged. All you have to do is charge it fully. Charging can take up to 60 minutes. After that, it would keep your baby engaged for around 8 hours! When you think of the best indoor toys to get your dog to have some exercise, this is one name that comes to mind instantly.

So, get a Wicked Ball and give your dog all the attention and exercise they need.

Wicked Bone 

Wicked Bone Alibaba

Wicked Bone is undoubtedly the first-of-its-kind interactive toy for dogs in the world. It is an interactive device used with consummate ease. All you need to do is download the application (app) on your smartphone and connect it via Bluetooth to the toy itself.

This way, you can have one of the best-selling indoor games for dogs. By using the app, you can control the Bone. It would also feel as if you are playing a video game. Wicked Bone comes with nine pre-set motions that ensure that your dog is immensely focused and, thus, busy.

You can use it outdoors as well, and the toy would excel in that particular environment as well! It is that good. On top of this, the interactive mode of the toy means your dog can play with it when you are not there.

Treat Tumbler 

Treat Tumbler Alibaba

Treat Tumbler is another addition to the list we are talking about. You can be sure that the toy would keep your dog happy and active. It is a treat dispenser for dogs. It is well-designed to dispense treats the way you want.

It works all the senses of your dog. It is the wholesome and ultimate toy you have been looking for all this while. It improves the different senses of your dog, such as their smell, taste, and vision.

The toy is also rather careful in the way that it dispenses the treats that it contains. It makes sure your dogs never get obese. It also makes them an effective tool for training your dog.

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