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Thursday , July 18 2024
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Security Guards Thrash A Street Dog In Gurgaon

Just another cruel act against street dogs came to light. Security guards of a posh apartment building in Gurgaon’s sector 49, thrashed a street dog and tried to bury it.

The security guards were caught by some residents trying to bury the street dog after beating him up with batons.

The residents heard the crying sounds of the dog and dug him up from a pit. The canine has sustained fractures on its legs and head. He was taken to a nearby veterinary hospital in the city’s DLF phase 3. The current condition of the dog has been confirmed by the vets as critical.

A complaint has been filed by the animal lovers under Prevention of cruelty to animals act in Sardar police station. They are also trying to get in touch with the RWAs of society.

What Happened?

The street dog stayed in the apartment complex on Friday. The private security guards tried to kick the dog out but the dog refused. The supervisor of the guards then ordered to corner the dog and beat him up.

The entire incident was captured in CCTV cameras as well. It was found that the dog was brutally beaten with batons. The dog was severely injured and collapsed on the ground. The guards took the dog out of the complex and tried to bury him. This is when some animal lovers intervened and rescued the dog.

Further investigation is on the way and police authorities say that they may cancel the license of the security firm.

Image tweeted by Rachnagaur

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