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Thursday , March 23 2023
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Shelter for stray dogs

RWA Of Delhi’s Sarita Vihar Has Set Up Shelter Homes For 35 Stray Dogs

The (RWA) resident welfare association of Delhi’s Sarita Vihar has set up shelter homes for 35 community dogs.

Many residents’ associations are at loggerheads with dog owners and dog feeders with the recent events of dog biting in Delhi-NCR. However, the RWA of Delhi’s Sarita Vihar set an example by giving shelter and food to over 35 community dogs.

RWA decided to set up a sheltered area for the dogs after receiving several complaints about the rise in the stray dog population.

Neeraj Bansal, member RWA, pocket F, Sarita Vihar, stated, “There were sporadic incidents of dog attacks and dog bites as well in the colony. Some residents were venting their anger against dog feeders, blaming them for the ‘menace’. That’s when the RWA stepped in and started looking at the problem with compassion. We built shelters for our community dogs with the help of feeders and caregivers. We got so many dogs to adopt to these shelters that will offer them a life of dignity and comfort.”

Shelter for Street Dogs

To solve this problem, the RWA members also sought advice from the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). They even acquired help from Rupam Bhalla, the local dog lovers, and Rohit, who helped build a particular area for feeding and shelter for the 35 community dogs in the locality.

Swati Jaitly, another member of the RWA, stated, “We made sure that both sides, dog lovers and residents, came together and formed an Animal Welfare committee. This resulted in a much better understanding of each other’s points of view and both sides got educated about the law in letter and spirit. We have started implementing the guidelines in our pocket and are supporting our efforts via an educational campaign to help residents understand how to live compassionately without fear from these voiceless animals.”

Street dogs maintenance

Bansal also revealed that the welfare association is working toward taking care of stray dogs. However, he stated that they are also trying to discipline the way these dogs are fed inside society.

Bansal also added, “Dog feeding activities too are being disciplined, vaccination and sterilization being followed up, and we are confident of achieving a better, more harmonious living for both residents as well as the stray dogs. Although it’s only the beginning, we are confident of achieving a near-perfect balance in our colony of 610 resident families and ~35 community dogs.”

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