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Friday , September 29 2023
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Queen Elizabeth’s corgis

Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Corgis: What Will Happen To Them Now

On Thursday, September 8, Queen Elizabeth II of England died at Balmoral in Scotland. She was the UK’s longest-serving monarch. However, many people are eager to know what will happen to her beloved corgis, which have evolved as much a symbol of her authority as the crown and scepter.

The Queen gave her canines strange names like Kelpie, Disco, Puck, and Bramble, and she had more than 30 corgis and “dorgis”, throughout her life. Moreover, as the late Princess Diana described, her four-legged friends often escorted her and walked before her like a “moving carpet.” According to The Guardian, the Queen’s first corgi, named Susan, was beneath travel rugs in her carriage during her honeymoon.

However, while the Queen was highly fond of her dog friends, they were gossiped to make life very hard for palace staff, biting the ankles of several attendants and even forcing Prince Philip to refer to them as those “bloody dogs.” Princess Diana.

Vanity Fair expressed that the Queen had decided not to acquire any new pets following the death of her corgi Monty in 2012. This is because “she didn’t want to leave any young dog behind.” Presently, three dogs still live in the palace, including a corgi named Muick and a dorgi named Candy.

Queen Elizabeth’s passion for corgis can be outlined in her childhood when in 1933, at the age of seven, her father, King George VI, got a puppy called Dookie for his children.

Experts like royal reporter Victoria Arbiter say the family or the staff could be entrusted with them. However, the judge told The Independent that the Queen left no stone unturned, and there was a plan for their lives after her death. But, she said, “We can only speculate on plans for the corgis – nothing is left to chance with the royal family.”

She said the royal family has dog lovers but none especially fond of corgis. “The Queen was the lord and master and had a remarkable way with them. They were known to nip ankles of the royal family.”

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