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Tuesday , February 7 2023
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Problems That Only Dog Owners Would Understand

13 Problems Only Dog Owners Understand

Dogs often want to go on walks early in the morning, even when it’s cold outside. Just think of the number of layers you must put on around the block. During their regular walks, dogs spend quality time sniffing every nook, corner, and tree, stopping where they want to.

It includes trash cans and fire hydrants even as they keep shivering. There are many things about dogs that only puppy parents can understand. Some activities bring happiness to pet owners, but in some cases, they cause difficulty in their lives.

But still, you love your buddy that way. In this blog, we will learn more about the difficulties dog owner faces daily when handling their dog.problems faced by dog owners

What are the problems faced by dog owners?

1. All the money spent on walking, boarding, grooming, and food 

Since you love them as much as you do, you would not hesitate to spend the money to care for your babies properly. The thing with people who operate such businesses is that they know that well too.

2. The smell of wet food 

You may open a can every day. However, that would not mean you do not want to gag it. It is especially so when you have touched it with your hand.

3. They want to play, but you want to sleep

It happens, especially on weekend mornings. They want to do business and play around while you want to sleep.

4. Drool at the wrong spots 

It happens in the spots you intend to sit, especially on the sofa. Pet owners often do not notice such things and end up sitting drooling. 

5. Fur everywhere 

It is everywhere in your house, car, and everything you own. You may not have thought that your baby would shed as much as he does. However, now your dark dresses have a thin white lining on them.

6. Stealing food

It may have been there on the table. Perhaps, it was in your hand, but now it is missing. So, you probably were not the only person who wanted the bagel. 

7. Trying to remember if you brought the poop bag with you problems of having a dog

You may be confused, thinking you did not bring the bag along on the walk. Hence, it is natural for you to wonder about the next course of action. Would you leave it lying on the street?

Would you come back with the bag later on? Just think of the relief you experience when you have indeed brought the bag with you.   

8. The smell of a wet dog after coming in from the rain 

You must deal with related issues such as paw prints all over the floor and wherever else they go. If they decide to rinse themselves, there is a high chance that you could get sprayed.

At times, they do not want to get out in the rain. That could prove problematic for some pet parents.

9. Sad eyes when you are leaving 

It is hard to leave the house when your dog is staring at you with all sadness in the world. For some pet parents, this tends to be a great source of worry.

10. Alpha reactions when the doorbell rings 

It means they start barking at the top of their lungs. No matter who it is, you have to say sorry to them. They bark even when it is someone as necessary as the delivery person who has arrived with your favorite weekend dinner – dumplings and crispy noodles.

11. Planning the day around their necessities 

It means going home at the right time to take them for a walk. So, you have to know all the details- the movie time, its length, the theater location where the show is, and the possibility of dining out after the movie.

12. Tracking mode on 

Is your baby a hound of some sort? That means that if they ever pick up a scent, they would be on it in a flash, and you would have to hang tight so that you do not lose them.

13. Having to carry them home after a walk 

If they do not feel like walking home, they would sit down and provide every possible indication that they would like to be carried home.

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