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Wednesday , October 4 2023
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Pet Perfect & Fidele+ A Successful Pawstories Collaboration

Pet Perfect & Fidele+: A Successful Pawstories Collaboration

As a platform dedicated to pet health and wellness, Pet Perfect is always looking for opportunities to engage with our community of pet parents. Fidele+, a premium dog food brand, was formulated with the expertise of international Veterinary & Canine Nutrition Experts.

It has retained our Indian roots and added a herb mix that resonates with well-being. That’s how Fidele+ was incepted. Though produced in Belgium to match the highest international standards, its recipes are inspired by the simple, wholesome nutrition of “Ghar Ka Khaana” made with love for our four-legged family members.

So, when we partnered with Fidele+, to host a contest centered around the theme of “Pawstories – how your pet changed your life,” we knew it would be a great way to connect with our audience and promote the importance of pet care.

The first step in organizing the contest was creating a plan to maximize that would maximize participation and engagement. We decided to forgo a landing page and instead leverage our app’s banner feature to reach as many users as possible.

By prominently displaying the contest banner on our app’s home screen, we were able to encourage users to participate and drive traffic to the contest page.

To enter the contest, participants were asked to share a story about how their pets had changed their lives. This theme resonated with our audience, and we received a huge response. We received entries from pet parents nationwide, and the stories ranged from heartwarming to inspiring. It was wonderful to see people’s love and affection for their pets.

Pawstories Collaboration

To ensure that every participant felt like a winner, we collaborated with Fidele+ to provide a prize of dog food for every entry. This not only incentivized participation; but also helped us promote the importance of good nutrition for pets. The partnership with Fidele+ allowed us to provide a high-quality prize that was relevant to our target audience and helped us build brand loyalty.

The contest was not only a great success, but we were thrilled to see the response from our community. The partnership with Fidele+ was a key factor in making this contest a huge success.

By working together and leveraging each other’s strengths, we were able to create a contest that resonated with our audience, drove engagement, and promoted the importance of pet care.


Pawstories contest was a prime example of how collaboration between brands can be a win-win situation. By partnering with Fidele+, we were able to create a contest that captured our audience, provided a valuable prize, and helped us promote our shared values of pet care and wellness. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Fidele+ and creating more opportunities for pet parents to engage with our brand.

Don’t forget to download the Pet Perfect app for a seamless pet parenting experience. With our comprehensive features, you’ll have everything you need to care for your furry friend right at your fingertips. The aim of this app is to aid pet parents by giving them personalized guidance and suggestions based on their pet’s breed and age.

The app seeks to reduce the stress and worry commonly experienced by pet parents. Users can use the app to create a schedule for their pets and keep track of their vaccination and deworming status.

Furthermore, the app offers a forum for pet parents to discuss their experiences and ask questions, as well as expert guides to assist them in providing the best possible care for their pets. Download now on the App Store or Google Play. Thanks for reading!

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