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Monday , August 3 2020
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Pet Dogs Registration in Amritsar

Only 45 Pet Dogs Registered In Amritsar

The drive that was initiated for the registration of pet dogs in the city has received a poor response from the pet owners in Amritsar. From around 19,508 pet dogs, only 45 have been registered with the MC so far. This small number of pet’s registration has led to the delay in the start of a dog sterilization campaign in the city.

Pets dog registration drive

The objective of the pet dog registration drive was to generate funds for the dog sterilization campaign.

About 45 residents came to get their dogs registered with the health wing of the Municipal Corporation in one month. The wing started registering the pet dogs in the city on July 8.

Mayor Bakshi Ram Arora and MC Commissioner Gurlovleen Singh Sidhu had inaugurated the registration desk at Civil Veterinary Hospital in Hathi. But out of 19,508 pet dogs, only 45 were registered.

Chief Sanitary Officer Jagdeep Singh at the registration desk said, “The response is quite low than our expectation. Now, we are going to start an awareness campaign to make the public aware of the registration of pet dogs. Our staff will go in the field and encourage them to get their pet dogs registered.”

The MC has been charging Rs. 500 as an annual registration fee for one dog.

Reference : The Tribune

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