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old man attacked by stray dog

Old Man Attacked By Stray Dog In Sector 17, Gurugram

P S Dhankar, an 83- year- old, retired brigadier is the latest victim of stray dog bite in sector 17, Gurugram. The incident happened when he was walking back to his home on Monday night. He received injuries on his left leg and right arm.

Rising stray dog bite cases in Gurugram

This is quite a regular incident in Gurugram. Including this dog bite case, the tally of dog bite cases in the area is up to 6 in just this month. In the last 3 months, Sector 17 has witnessed around 12 such incidents, claim residents.

P S Dhankar said, “I decided to take another street, which I usually don’t opt for, while returning home. I was suddenly attacked by a female dog without any provocation. She was probably trying to safeguard her pups. The incident has made him cautious and he will from now on carry a stick every time he goes out on foot.”

According to the residents, there are around 70 stray dogs in the area and their number is only increasing, overriding the civic body’s promise of sterilization.

Avdhesh Rao, general secretary, RWA, Sector 17 said, “There have been around 25 dog bite cases in the past three months alone. Maids have been attacked a number of times and the elderly are scared to leave the house. Six months ago, the residents had informed the MCG officials about the stray dog menace in the area, following which, some of the canines were caught and taken away for relocation. But the strays returned to the locality the same afternoon.”

“Ever since, police officers have been putting pressure on us in a bid to refrain us from taking any action against the strays. If the MCG was indeed sterilizing stray dogs, why were their numbers rising every day,” said by Rao.

When contacted, MCG officials said they have been taking steps to sterilize strays and the residents must contact Friendicoes, an animal welfare organization, to report such issues.

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According to the local residents

At least three children in the society have been attacked by stray canines in the past three to four months. Accusing the MCG of inaction, residents claimed there were over 40 dogs roaming around the society lanes day and night, making it difficult for them to come out.

“The number of stray dogs has been increasing, forcing hundreds of children to play indoors,” said Deepika Singh Chauhan, a mother of two living in the society.

Source: The Times Of India

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