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Tuesday , January 25 2022
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Microchip Licence Is Mandatory For Pet Dogs

Microchip Licence Is Mandatory For The Pet Dogs

The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has introduced micro-chipping of the canines for the first time in the state. It’s a great effort made by the GVMC for the well-being of pet dogs. This chip will help to prevent and differentiate pet dogs from stray dogs. It will also help to search the missing dogs.

The programme was launched in Vishakapatnam on the “World Zoonoses Day” and will continue till 5 August. It’s a lifetime licence for the canines. The dog owners need to renew the license every year.

According to this programme, microchip licence is mandatory for the pet dogs otherwise, pet owners will have to pay fine to the civic authorities.

How pet owners can get microchips?

Pet owners can get their pets micro-chipped by paying Rs. 200 at any of the 11 veterinary hospitals of the Visakhapatnam city. The chip will last approx. 12 – 13 years i.e., equivalent to the lifespan of pet dogs. After chip implantation, the Municipal Corporation will issue a certificate to the pet owners that contains complete information about their dogs. This will help the civic body to maintain records easily.

According to GVMC chief veterinary officer Jayaram, the microchip is made up of a non-harmful metallic product and has a unique barcode. This unique barcode contains complete information about the dog including about the owner, address, date of birth of animal and etc.

Benefits of microchip licence

According to GVMC commission Mr. Pravin Kumar, many dog owners disown their dogs after they get aged or diseased. Then veterinary department has to take care of them. But according to them, the licensed owner is expected to take care of their dog. So, this microchip will offer a solution to such issues. The chip is readable with the help of scanners.

The chip will help to differentiate pet dogs from stray dogs and will also help to recognize the dog’s owner.

If in case, a dog gets lost somewhere, the authorities can scan or take an X-ray of the microchip to reveal the details about the dog owner.

Why microchip licence is mandatory for the pet dogs?

According to officials of the GVMC “The inserting of the chip is also intended to make pet owners comply with provisions of Sections 422 and 423 of the HMC Act that makes licensing of pet dogs mandatory,” said an official of the GVMC.

Municipal Commissioner Pravin Kumar and MLA Vasupalli Ganesh Kumar formally launched the programme at the Veterinary Hospital under SV Veterinary University. AMO (H) S. Jayaram presided and Joint Director (Animal Husbandry) B. Sanyasi Rao spoke. Approx. 100 chips were implanted in dogs during the whole day.

Source: Indian Express & The Hindu

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