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Tuesday , January 25 2022
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Megan Leavey

Megan Leavey: A True Story Of A Marine And Her Dog

Megan Leavey is an upcoming film based on a true story of a troubled marine named Megan Leavey and her military dog, Rex.

This film shows the unbreakable bond between a Marine and her beloved dog of war. Actress, Kate Mara is playing the lead role in the movie.

As per records, Megan Leavey and her bomb-sniffing K-9, Rex went on more than 100 missions together in Iraq between 2003 and 2006. They were inseparable. They both nearly lost their lives while searching for explosives. Both underwent rehab and recovered.

When Leavey’s years of service came to an end, she wanted to adopt Rex and join her in her civilian life, but the military refused, saying the dog was still needed. They were also concerned that the German shepherd was too dangerous to live in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Finally, the Marines agreed.

In 2012, Leavey was reunited with Rex at Camp Pendleton in California, where an official adoption ceremony was held.

“From my vantage point, it is about a woman and a dog and a woman who had a hard time connecting found her ability to connect through an animal,” the actress said.

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