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Wednesday , December 6 2023
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A place for dog owners and lovers (Picture: Pawsitive Cafe)
A place for dog owners and lovers (Picture: Pawsitive Cafe)

London’s New Dog Cafe Serves Doggy Afternoon Teas And Has A Ball Pit

If you are a dog owner, you may look for a new pet-friendly place and have just discovered the perfect destination. Pawsitive Café in Notting Hill has food, drinks, and activities – just for the dogs.

This cafe is designed to be a positive and inspiring space for dogs and their owners alike’; there are a ton of stimulating play spots for dogs who want to let loose – as well as restful areas for those worn out.

It’s designed to be an oxytocin-boosting environment, the hormone released when humans hang out with dogs.

The café owner designed the venue after struggling with her mental health and finding that being around dogs had an uplifting effect on her mood – and she has her own Dalmatian.

A teatime cuddle (Picture: Pawsitive Café)

Interiors are designed with the concept of feng shui in mind, helping to promote calm and happiness.

You can order activities such as painting by numbers and dried flower pressing for those looking for an extra mindfulness’ hit. Events will be hosted, too, such as puppy yoga and panel talks.

Dreamy (Picture: Pawsitive Café)
Dreamy (Picture: Pawsitive Café)

Venue owner, Alicia, said: ‘My dog is not just my dog. My dog is my happiness, my inspiration, my sanity, and my world.

‘Dogs are well known to be great for our mental health, but looking after mental health goes both ways, and that’s why I created the café because it’s also down to the pet owner to look after the dog and treat the dog.’

As well as tasty food and drinks for people, the café has options for dogs – even an afternoon tea with sandwiches and a fruit tart. Doggy ice cream, ‘pupcakes’, and plenty more can be found – along with a dog ball pit, swing, and play area.

Even if you love dogs and don’t own one, you can still enjoy the surrounding puppy love, with menu items from chicken burgers to pancakes and traditional brunch options. It’s worth the trip to Notting Hill.

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