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Wednesday , October 4 2023
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Kidney failure in pet dogs

Kidney Failure In Pet Dogs On The Rise In Mumbai

Kidney failure in pet dogs have increased 20% in the past one year!

Recently, veterinarians in Mumbai have concluded that the increase in the number of kidney failure in pet dogs is due to a high protein diet and less exercising. It is shocking to know that more dogs in the city are dying of kidney failure that cancer.

Kidney Failure In Pet Dogs

  • A 2-year-old Brownie, a Boxer, became ill. After tests showed Brownie’s creatinine had touched a dangerous level of 22. The normal range is 1.7. Owner Sharon Mishra, took him to a veterinary hospital on March 21 this year, and now Brownie requires dialysis support twice every week. He has chronic kidney failure. In every session, he lays down on a metal stretcher for 5 hours while several tubes are sprung into his body. One tube carries his blood into the filter which removes waste blood while another injects purified blood back into his body.
  • Brownie’s brother Snowy, also 2, made a lucky escape though. Diagnosed with a creatinine level of 14, Snowy made a quick recovery without dialysis and is presently a probable patient of acute kidney failure, which can, however, be handled with medication.
  • Robbie, a 9-year-old Labrador, was not as lucky as the other two. He was admitted to Bombay Veterinary Hospital in mid-February but breathed his last within four months of dialysis. His creatinine level was at 3. Bandra-based Manishi Dutt said, “Despite a renal diet, his condition did not improve. He always had problems eating his food.”  From February until June this year, Robbie underwent 47 dialysis sessions before succumbing to the disease. According to Dutt, a daily walk with dog-walkers did not help improve his condition.

Kidney failure in dogs is not an new fact that a sedentary lifestyle ends up causing health problems. This problem is not only limited to humans. Pet dogs in the city are also falling prey to it.

According to data collected from Mumbai

Mumbai’s 2 dialysis centers for dogs indicate that in last 5 years, 650 dogs have been treated for kidney ailments out of which 252 were put on dialysis support.

“Every year, we are seeing a 20 per cent rise in renal ailments amongst dogs,” said Kaustubh Garud, a nephrologist attached with the Bombay Veterinary College and Hospital in Parel.

In 2014-15, the hospital had admitted 180 dogs who were suffering from kidney failure. In 2015-16, the number has risen to 220.

Lt Col J C Khanna, the hospital superintendent, said that of the total number of dogs admitted in the hospital, 25 per cent have renal problems. Kidney failure in pet dogs is rising fast!

According to RD Velankar, assistant professor at the hospital’s college, most pet dogs are fed a lot but not been made to do the equal amount of exercise so that they could digest the food properly.

“High-protein diet and no exercise is a major reason why pet dogs are developing kidney ailments,” he explained.

Though there is no option of kidney transplant, the city has two dialysis centers one in Parel’s veterinary college and another is Ghatkopar’s Pet Clinic Kidney Care and Dialysis Care Center – to put critical dogs on dialysis support.

 “Even drug abuse amongst dogs is a common reason for kidney problems. Dogs are administered antibiotics frequently for fever,” said by Garud, who handles the dialysis unit at Bombay Veterinary hospital.

In 50 % of the cases, dogs with renal failure die.

“A lot of pet dogs I see have urinary infection. Negligence by owners can lead to kidney ailments which advances and leaves fewer options for treatment,”  according to Dr. Ekta Thakkar.

A single dialysis session can cost Rs 4000, more than what it cost humans for one session, due to imported tubes, filter and lack of abundant facility. Dogs require dialysis twice or thrice a week depending on how critical their kidney function is.

“Only in acute cases, we can reverse the progression. In chronic failure, there is little hope. Very few people know this but raisins and grapes can cause toxicity in dogs leading to kidney failure,” added Garud.

Source: The Indian Express

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