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stray dog menace

Kerala Takes Steps To Control Stray Dog Menace

Considering the recent incidents of stray dog menace in Kerala, where stray dogs mauled a 65-year old woman to death and another native of Pulluvila, was also attacked and severely injured by stray dogs, Kerala’s chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan directed officials to take strong steps to catch stray dogs with the help of trained dog catchers.

Meeting held to control stray dog menace

The meeting held by officials declared that an initiative would be taken to tackle the stray dog menace problem with the cooperation of various state departments. The localities where stray dog menace is increasing, the canines in that area would be immediately trapped and subjected to sterilization.

An official release said, special dog-sterilization camps would be held for this. As a follow-up action, a detailed plan would be worked out on a long-term basis to check stray dogs in accordance with the law from October 1, 2016.

For monitoring the progress and implementation of the plan respective district collectors would be in charge. With the help of civic bodies, stray dogs would be caught and sterilized. They also shared that the sterilized dogs would be kept in separate shelters in future.

“Strong measures would be taken to get rid of canines creating havoc on streets. There is no legal hindrance for killing violent stray dogs. Lives of the citizens are of prime importance for a government,” said Local Administration Minister K.T. Jaleel.

Stray dog menace issue has been a point of debate in Kerala for the last few years. According to a report submitted in the Supreme Court recently in a connected case, more than one lakh people in Kerala have been bitten by dogs in the year 2015-16 so far.

Source: Oneindia

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