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Saturday , January 22 2022
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Homemade Doggie Dabbas For Pets In Gurgaon

Gurgaon: Homemade Doggie Dabbas are now available for pet dogs in Gurgaon. Most of the pet owners complain that their dogs are not eating properly, especially during summers. They worry because they are not sure whether they’re giving them the right food or not.

Rashee Kuchroo, a pet chef by profession has come up with the perfect solution for all the anxious pet owners. She is a resident of Sector 57, in Gurgaon, has a degree in cat and dog nutrition and the proud owner of Doggie Dabbas. Rashee provides homemade doggie dabbas.

About Homemade Doggie Dabbas

Homemade Doggie Dabbas are the specialty of Rashee!

“Each dabba contains the whole day’s meal for a dog and depends on the owner’s  choice of protein, they can go for vegetarian dishes, egg meals or chicken meals. The rates of “dabbas” vary according to the menu, on an average, monthly cost of “dabbas” for small dogs cost around Rs 3,000, for medium dogs around Rs 4,000 and for the big ones around Rs 10,000.”

Rashee makes sure that the dishes cooked are sugar, salt or any other preservatives free. She understands that additives can be toxic for dogs. She also takes note of a dog’s health history before cooking food for it. She does this to ensure that dogs don’t get an allergic reaction to any food she cooks.

Doggie Dabbas supply over a 100 Dabbas in Gurgaon alone with additional Dabbas is Mumbai & Pune. They are focused on creating healthier treat options like Chicken Jerky, Liver it up and now they are planning to launch new products such as deworming powder and supplements like Liquid Gold.

About Rashee Kuchroo – Doggie Dabbas

Rashee doggie dabbas

Rashee Kuchroo has always been passionate about animals. After completing her Masters in Marketing Communications from Westminster University London, she returned to Mumbai, only to find that her Labrador was not as healthy as she left him. He had put on a lot of weight and had lost his puppy white coat. This prompted her to take a keen interest in his diet and subsequently she ended up studying Dog and Cat Nutrition.

Armed with the right knowledge, Rashee began whipping up customized meal plans for dogs only to see dramatic results. Now Doggie Dabbas can cater to a large number of dogs depending on their health requirements such as obesity, skin conditions, arthritis, liver & kidney issues, heart problems, gastro etc. With increasing pet food recalls and clients feeding their dogs unhealthy human food, Rashee developed a range of treats that can satisfy even the toughest barkbuds. Delectable treats like 100% Natural Chicken Jerky, Chicken Liver Fudge and Mango ice cream will make any pooches’ mouth water with joy!


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