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Saturday , August 13 2022
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Head to the Beach and Soak Up the Sun with Your Furry Friend by Your Side

Head to the Beach and Soak Up the Sun with Your Furry Friend by Your Side

There’s nothing better than hitting the open road, bags packed in the back, knowing you’re heading on vacation for some much-needed rest. But for those of us who are pup parents, it can be really sad to leave our dogs behind with a neighbor or at a doggie hotel. It just won’t be the same without them.

Wouldn’t it be great if your furry friend could come along for some R&R too? Well, now they can. We’ve done the research and come up with the best spots for you to take your pup to for a fun holiday for all members of the family. So, grab the sunscreen and a leash and start booking!

Finding The Perfect Spot

There’s something so calming about walking along the beach and watching your pup jump in and out of the waves. They just love it! Huge sand dunes to run on, other dogs to play with, and plenty of new sounds and smells – it’s a really fun place for them to go on vacation. It’s especially fun if you’ve packed a doggie picnic and a brand new toy to play with. BarkingTalk has some great info about the best products and dog-safe snacks to take to the beach!

But the problem is that not all beaches are dog safe and not all beaches allow us to bring our furry friends along too. But the ones that do are incredible.

Here are our top 7 beautiful beaches for you to take your pup on vacation.

1. Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar beaches
Andaman and Nicobar beaches

With clear waters and white sand, this picturesque destination should really be at the top of your list. Staying at one of the many dog-friendly hotels along the strip, a quick walk here with your pet is easier than ever. Staff at the hotels know how important it is that your pet is fueled for the day so special pet menus are available to give your pet the best and most nutritious meals.

2. Goa Beach

Goa Beach
Goa Beach

Spanning 100 kilometers, the Goa coastline is a top tourist destination, and even more so because it welcomes your furry family member. With a tropical climate and rich heritage, it’s no wonder so many pet owners flock here. But be sure to keep your dog on a leash or your eye on your pet at all times, because strays can cause trouble.

3. Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach
Varkala Beach

Nestled along the cliffside this beach is always vibrant and packed with people enjoying different water sports activities. There are many dogs along the strip, mostly strays and the rest on leads with their owners. A good place to come for a walk with your pet, but again, we recommend keeping them on a leash.

4. Gokarna

Gokarna Beach
Gokarna Beach

Architectural landscapes with pristine beaches, this is a perfect spot to feel the sun. Wander down from some of the best pet-friendly hotels in the area and after a long walk and run, let them unwind in the hotel doggy spa or the room while you have an afternoon nap.

5. Kovalam, Kerala

Kovalam kerala beach
Kovalam kerala beach

Shallow waters make this the ultimate frolicking location for your pet. Dog owners let their dogs run free with peace of mind knowing that they won’t go in too deep. It’s a great spot for dogs to have a lot of fun and meet some new friends.

6. Kashid

Kashid Beach
Kashid Beach

A perfect place for a weekend getaway, with pet-friendly hotels and accommodation along the strip, set down your luggage and take your four-legged friend for a stroll on the white sands or dip your toes in the crystal water.

7. Alibag, Maharashtra

Alibag, Maharashtra beach
Alibag, Maharashtra beach

Stretches of flat sand for as far as the eye can see, heaven for a pup who loves to run for hours on end and a great way for them to stretch their legs and burn off all that energy. Walk along pathways covered overhead by luscious vegetation and coconut groves for a top photo opportunity of you and your doggo!

Why Take Your Pet to the Beach? 

If you are not an animal lover or owner you may not understand why, but there are a whole host of positives to taking your furry family member to the beach. Staying active is key for pets to live a long and healthy life and what better way than in the sunshine and splashing in the waves. It’s non-impact exercise which is good for their joints and they get a bit of vitamin D too!

Be sure to keep an eye on your dog if they are smaller as larger waves can quickly come out of nowhere. If they are nervous keep encouraging them with positive praise until they feel comfortable. You want them to be confident, not afraid, and forcing them will only work against you.

While you are throwing the ball or stick for them to fetch they may meet other animals too, and social interactions are necessary for mental and emotional stability. And although they meet up with their friends at the park when the weather is cooler, the beach makes for a nice change of scenery and is the best way for them to cool down during the warmer months.

Beach days mean time off the leash for the most part but is an easy way for you to get them to burn off that excess energy and sleep deeply that evening. Fresh air does everyone the world of good whether you are an animal or human, it rejuvenates the soul, and the crisp ocean air makes you feel alive.

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