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Wednesday , February 8 2023
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Government seeks help of voluntary organizations

Government Seeks Help Of Voluntary Organizations To Help Stray Dogs

Recently, Animal Husbandry Minister, K Raju urged voluntary organizations working for animal welfare to come up and help stray dogs. As government and civic bodies have failed to provide appropriate facilities to shelter and rehabilitate stray dogs in Thiruvananthapuram.

Hands For Paws

A workshop was organized by ‘Hands For Paws’ a collective of various organizations and individuals working for animal welfare to help resolve human-animal conflict on the streets. Mr. K Raju inaugurated the workshop organized by Hands for Paws. He said,

“Both the government and local bodies have failed in checking the spurt in the number of stray dogs. Neither do we have the facilities to rehabilitate them. In such a scenario, it is commendable that voluntary organizations have come forward to take up the task.”

He further added that the government and local bodies would provide all assistance to animal welfare organizations if they submit viable projects on rehabilitation of stray dogs. He agreed with the view that the number of stray dogs should be brought down through the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme and not by killing them.

DIG Armed Police Battalion- Shefeen Ahamed,  Animal Husbandry Department Additional Director Dr. K. K. Jayaraj and Veterinary Council of India former secretary, Dr. Rama Kumar spoke at the inaugural session. This was followed by a lecture by senior veterinarians Dr. Jacob Alexander and Dr. Annie Varghese. A hands-on training session on canine behavioral psychology by Karthikeyan G. was also held as part of the workshop.

Reference: Indian Express

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