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Saturday , January 22 2022
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Dog lick

Find Out Why Dogs Lick?

We all assume that dogs licking people is a sign of affection. But is it just affection? We did in-depth research to figure out why dogs love to lick our face or in general, why do they like licking humans?

Keep reading to find out.

Humans are tasty

Yes, you read that right! We taste quite good to our dogs. Dogs enjoy licking our skin because they enjoy the taste of salt that is present in our skin due to perspiration.

They also enjoy the fragrance of our salty skin and like to explore that with their nose and tongue. This is one of the reasons why they often steal our socks and shoes.

To maintain the hygiene

Sometimes you might have observed your dog licking itself.  What does it exactly mean?  Dogs lick themselves to maintain their hygiene.

They usually do this often if they are worried about a hygiene issue. So, as a dog parent, you have to pay close attention to your pet. They might need some assistance.

To heal

It is not a surprising fact that a dog’s saliva contains helpful enzymes that kill bacteria or heal wounds. So, when a dog is licking itself, it might be trying to get rid of some kind of dead tissue or heal a wound. Some dogs may bite or lick vigorously that can harm the affected area or wound. So, keep an eye on your dog’s licking area.


Yes, dogs can suffer from OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) too. Some dogs start to lick due to being scared, nervous, or anxious. This kind of compulsion disorder needs to be dealt with quickly. If you see your dog obsessively licking things, humans or itself, seek medical help as soon as possible.

A way to communicate

A dog’s licking can have several meanings for other dogs. It can mean the dog expressing – “He’s hungry”, “He needs something”, or simply “asking for friendship” etc. However, we cannot interpret their licking message as well as other dogs do.

So, you have to pay attention to understand what their licking means. If you keep noticing their licking habits, you can easily decipher them and tag them to various things, like when they need food, or their water bowl is empty or they need something from you.

They Lick to show love

Well, it is the most common reason that pet dogs lick their humans. They lick to feel close to you and show you their love. Licking helps release feel-good endorphins in their brain that calms and comforts them.

Some people don’t like too much licking, you can train your dog by ignoring them or leaving them and going to another room right after they lick you. They will quickly learn that licking makes you leave and they will stop doing it so much.

So, now you know why dogs lick, go and give your dog a lick in return, he will surely like the favor returned!

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