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Thursday , October 5 2023
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Dog with a Good Soul Is Still Waiting for Adoption After 2 Years of Being Rescued

Dog with a “Good Soul” Is Still Waiting for Adoption After 2 Years of Being Rescued

“This beautiful girl has been with us a long time, and she is ready to find her forever home,” the president of Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue, Crystal Netardus said

After keeping herself for ages and spending two years at a Texas pet rescue, the dog named Mom is ready to be doted on by someone for the rest of her life.

She is a pit bull/Labrador retriever mix breed dog who arrived two years ago at Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue in Houston.

According to Crystal Netardus, the Texas nonprofit is committed to “rescuing stray and abandoned dogs” and providing them temporary accommodation with “volunteers, local veterinarians, trainers, foster homes, and boarding facilities” until they get adopted.

Mom, the dog is around 7 to 8 years old and arrived at Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue after being rescued from wandering after someone shot at her in Conroe, Texas.

“She was skinny, had heartworms, ear and eye infections, and had BB holes in her, plus a stick lodged in the roof of her mouth that was rotting,” Netardus stated about Mom’s early days before the rescue.

Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue helped and discovered a “beautiful girl” underneath all the things she had experienced before the rescue.

“We believe she spent the first part of her life outdoors, so she is very grateful to be inside. She has wonderful house manners and is low maintenance. She is sweet with all people and is good with young kids. She is great with all dogs. She has low energy requirements and would like a daily walk, but it isn’t necessary. She likes to sunbathe in the yard and chew bones,” Netardus said, mentioning the dog, Mom is ideal for multiple environments.

Unfortunately, after having so many qualities, such as being a laid-back, grateful, affectionate dog who is kind to everyone, she still hasn’t found a forever home.

“She has four strikes against her: she is a large breed, has black fur, is a senior, and is a pit bull mix. Any one of those alone is hard to adopt out,” the president says about searching for an adopter even after two years of arriving at Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue.

Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue moved Mom in May with pet foster parent Nancy Byron, devoted to finding Mom the home she deserves.

“She just has a good soul,” Byron describes of the “80-something” pound dog.

Mom’s foster parent says the dog has exhibited phenomenal behavior during her stay and is perfect for someone who doesn’t like long walks since she only wants one short walk a day.

But what she wants more than anything else except treats is love and affection.

“It’s like you can tell she hasn’t had the greatest life, and so she’s just grateful to be loved. She’s so gentle. She even takes her treats gently. She’s just so content with small kindnesses,” Byron stated.

Those who believe Mom — who is even “100% house and potty trained,” as per Netardus — is perfect for them and can end the dog’s wait of two years for a forever home.

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