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Sunday , January 23 2022
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Dog-friendly Restaurants in Delhi NCR

Dog-friendly Restaurants in Delhi NCR

It’s always exciting to discover pet-friendly locations in your city. However, when you have to eat or relax outside, and the restaurant’s policy prohibits you from bringing your furry, small companions, it can be a real pain.

Here is a list of ten of your favorite restaurants that allow pets!

Top 10 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Delhi NCR

1. Friends’ N’ Fur

Friends' N' Fur
Image Source: Friends’ N’ Fur

Friends’ N’ Fur is the first luxury pet hotel in Delhi NCR and has a lot to offer to dogs. Purchase costumes or toys for them, or gift them to a spa treatment for their gleaming fur. They won’t want to leave this paradise if you leave them for some time.

2. Throttle Shrottle

Throttle Shrottle
Image Source: Throttle Shrottle

Throttle Shrottle cafe, which is located on the Gurgaon-Faridabad highway, is a popular hangout for bikers. The little menu has a variety of filling and tasty selections. The ideal meal is always a cozy one that is also inexpensive, and it is available 24 hours a day.

3. Cafe Dori

Cafe Dori
Image Source: Cafe Dori

Cafe Dori is a vast, open space with no fussy decor. A tiny open courtyard serves as a smoking area; They accept pets and provide bowls for dog food served in designated sections. Because Dhan Mill is so remote, the atmosphere is easygoing and casual, and you are less likely to miss the place.

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4. TabulaBeach Cafe

TabulaBeach Cafe
Image Source: TabulaBeach Cafe

You can taste a magnificent mixture of flavors created by their mixologists with a wide choice of intriguing cocktails. In addition, some of the burgers and pizzas on the menu are delicious, and the restaurant serves a wide selection of international food.

5. Diggin

Image Source: Diggin

This charming little cafe in South Delhi serves up some of the best pizzas and sweets. Diggin would undoubtedly make you pleased if you’re looking for a hearty meal or brunch with friends or family. In addition, it is an excellent spot for your pets.

6. Puppychino

Image Source: Puppychino

Puppychino is one of the first restaurants in Delhi to allow dogs into their dining room, with a separate play area and a special menu packed with tasty treats. You can rejoice since humans have access to free Wi-Fi.

7. The Good Food Cafe

The Good Food Cafe
Image Source: The Good Food Cafe

The Good food cafe, as its name suggests, serves delicious meals!. They provide excellent cuisine and welcome your dogs into the cafe. They have fantastic cuisine, and you’ll enjoy the environment as well.

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8. Blue Tokai

blue tokai
Image Source: Blue Tokai

This place will appeal to both you and your pet. They presently provide your pets with water and shredded bread, and Chef Bani Nanda is working on a recipe for fresh dog cookies.

9. The Farmer’s Wheelbarrow

The Farmer's Wheelbarrow
Image Source: The Farmer’s Wheelbarrow

This restaurant is the place to go if you want to enjoy a delicious lunch with your pet companion at your side. Their menu includes three five-course tasting meals: vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and seafood.

10. Furball Story

Furball Story
Image Source: Furball Story

The cafe has its dogs, which you are welcome to come and play with, and you are also welcome to bring your own. Aside from that, if you’re traveling, they also have a boarding facility. There’s even a unique cuisine for dogs, as well as a pool for them to relax in.


Pets are incredibly vulnerable and should never be left alone for long periods. It harms their mental health. They will feel insecure if left alone. So, these are the places where you can take your pets along with you for a lovely treat.

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