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Thursday , January 21 2021
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Dog day care

Dog Day Care | A Dream Come True For Busy Dog Owners


Doggie day care can be a dream come true for busy dog owners who work long hours, leave their dogs home alone or simply don’t have time to provide the necessary attention, daily exercise and socialization opportunities that dogs need.  Dog day care has been a very popular option for dog owners in America and other Western countries who feel guilty of not spending enough time taking care of their dogs because of their busy schedule. Recently, Dog day care has started gaining popularity in India.

What is dog day care?

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Dog daycare, also known as “Doggie Daycare” or “Dog Day Camp” is a short-term boarding kennel service for dogs in Bangalore. Dog daycare is similar to day care for children . You drop-off your dog at a day care center before going to work. Your dog would be able to play and socialize with other dogs, get much needed exercise, eat food, relax, and have fun during the day under the supervision of professional staff at the boarding facility. At the end of your work day, you can pick-up your happily tired and relaxed dog from daycare center. If dropping and picking-up your dog is a too much hassle for you, dog day care facilities such as Petboro Pet Resort and Kennels can pick-up and drop-off your dog for you.

How will your dog benefit from daycare?

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Dogs are living and breathing being. All dogs need attention, care, mental and physical exercise, and socialization. Dogs that were not adequately socialized as puppies have higher chances of developing social issues such as fear of other dogs and fear aggression. Excessive loneliness by leaving dogs home alone can result in your dog developing separation anxiety. Lack of exercise can cause major health issues as dogs grow older.

Dropping off your dog at Doggie daycare center will relieve your dog from boredom, loneliness, and separation anxiety. Your dog will be under the supervision and care of professional staff throughout the day. Most dog day care centers have on-call veterinarian. So, your dog would get immediate help in case of medical emergencies. You as a dog parent will not feel guilty of living your dog home alone.

Compared to dog sitting which can limit your dog to be home all day and get only one or two time walking exercise, Dog day care center provide optimal care for your dog.

How much does dog day care costs?

While the benefits of day care are high, every dog owner may not be able to afford sending his/her dog to dog day care 5 days a week. Depending on the location and the type of dog day care facility, the cost could range from Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 6,000 per month. Some dog owners who find sending a dog to day care five days a week expensive, they send their dogs two or three times per week. So, they can minimize the cost, but still provide the care, attention, exercise, and socialization needed for their dogs.

What to look for in a dog day care?

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All dog day care facilities are not equal. However, all dog day care facilities should have safe and clean indoor/outdoor play area, space for your dog to relax, and supervision by pet care professionals. Most dog day care centers have separate areas where dogs are grouped based on their temperaments. The services offered at a dog day care facility can also vary greatly. Some facilities provide all the comforts of home such as basic grooming, snack, lunch and toys galore. Others simply focus on a supervised play area for dogs as their owners go to work. Before you put your beloved dog in someone else’s hands, be sure to visit the dog day care facility to see if it would be a right fit for your dog.

Is your dog ready for dog day care?

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Although dog day care is a great alternative to leaving your dog home alone, every dog is not suited for day care experience. Younger dogs or puppies generally adapt dog day care really well. Most reputable dog day care facilities would evaluate your dog around other people and dogs. Your dog will begin interacting with one or two well behaved dogs before slowly increase the number as your dog gets familiar with the surroundings. At Petboro Pet Resort and Kennels, if a dog does not behave well during the first visit, dog owners are offered an opportunity to pursue training and then have the dog return. However, some dogs do not adjust to dog day care – and that is OK. Evaluating your dog by the dog day care professionals is the best way to find out if he or she is ready or not.

Many dog day care facilities offer variety of packages, including monthly (5 days a week), two days per week or three days per week. Busy professionals who like their dogs to get mental and physical stimulation as well as company of other dogs may find dog day care as the perfect solution. They will be able to spend quality time with their happily tired dogs after work without feeling guilty of leaving their dogs home alone.

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