Dog Abused With Firecrackers In West Bengal
Tuesday , January 25 2022
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Dog Abused With Firecrackers In West Bengal
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Dog Abused With Firecrackers In West Bengal

On Diwali night in Kharagpur, West Bengal, a street dog’s left hind leg and tail were burned off after some unknown delinquents allegedly strapped a firecracker to it and lit it alight.

On November 4, people celebrated with fireworks and firecrackers when the event occurred. The dog’s tail and a chunk of its left rear legs had been blown off, according to witnesses. However, the cracker’s remains were still attached to it.

It was a gentle neighborhood dog who the locals fed. Unfortunately, it was done by someone who tried to take advantage of the animal’s confidence. A firework was attached to it, and when it exploded, it pulled the back leg and tail apart.

Animal rights activists have criticized the incident and called for severe punishment. “This is unbelievable. What kind of human would do such a thing to an animal? Arpita Deb, a dog lover, believes he should be arrested.

The situation has been reported to the police, and the dog is being treated at an NGO. Until the latest news, no one had been apprehended. However, once photographs of the mutilated animal went viral on social media, the event sparked outrage.

“There hasn’t been any formal complaint filed against us.” However, as soon as we learned of the event, a team was dispatched to the scene to investigate. “We’re trying to figure out who this person is,” stated a police official from Kharagpur’s town police station.

Source: Times Of India

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