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Saturday , January 22 2022
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Critterati India's First Luxury Hotel

Critterati – India’s First Luxury Hotel For Dogs in Gurugram

India’s first luxury hotel for dogs, Critterati opened in Gurugram. It is considered as South Asia’s first luxury hotel for dogs that charges approx. Rs 4,500 per night for a suite.

Chief executive Deepak Chawla opened Critterati to offer the wealthy an alternative to more down-at-heel facilities in India.

According to him, “No decent dog owner would want his dog to stay in bad conditions.”

What are the amenities?

A luxury suite in the hotel offers a huge bed with a velvet headboard, television and a private dog-flap leading onto a balcony.

There is a swimming pool, a spa with ayurvedic massage oils and a vet on 24-hour call, while a medical unit with operating theatre is being built.

The menu in the cafe includes rice & chicken, muffins, pancakes and ice-cream with bacon, a particular favorite, all that can be washed down with non-alcoholic dog beer from Belgium.

Busy day

Mr. Chawla says in standard kennels animals can be left alone for long hours.

“Here things are quite different. It starts from 7 am with potty breaks, then breakfast, then again a potty break, then play sessions for around two hours, then swimming sessions, then again play sessions, plus time in the café.”

Reference: Daily Mail

All images via AFP/Getty image/ Critterati

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