Chennai Gets First Animals Only Crematorium
Tuesday , January 25 2022
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Chennai Gets First Animals Only Crematorium

Chennai Gets First Animals Only Crematorium

A specialized animal crematorium has been put up at the premises of Blue Cross of India in Velachery, Chennai, in what is reported to be the first of its type in Tamil Nadu. The campaign was supported by the Chennai Willingdon Corporate Foundation (CWCF) in collaboration with the Blue Cross of India.

The crematorium costs Rs 57 lakh to build, aims to meet a long-felt demand among pet owners, particularly those who live in apartments, to give their dogs a dignified send-off.

The notion of a separate animal crematorium took off in 2019, according to Vinod Kumar, the manager of Blue Cross of India. It was difficult for people to bury their pets. Some of them threw their pets in the garbage and waited for the corporation to pick them up. In other circumstances, people were forced to spend a significant amount of money in order to find a suitable location to bury their pets. He claims the facility is smoke-free and has the capacity to cremate up to seven dogs at once.

They’ve also built a 100-foot chimney stack as an extra precaution. The crematorium has two furnaces, one of which can take six pets (up to 75 kgs) and the other of which can accommodate one pet, for a total of seven pets at a time. The cremation will likely take an hour, and the owners will give the ashes in an urn based on their wishes.

Inside the crematorium, there is a prayer room where owners can pray for their dogs before the cremation process begins. The cremation costs Rs 2,500, according to the Blue Cross of India. People can reserve a spot at

L Ganesh, Chairman of the CWCF, opened the facility on Saturday in the presence of Gagandeep Singh Bedi, Commissioner of the Greater Chennai Corporation.

Source: Indian Express

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