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Saturday , January 22 2022
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A Stray Dog Saved From Death Gets New Home

Stray dog saved

Blood oozing from its eyes, a deathlike pallor on its face and the stench of decomposing emanating from it, the mongrel lay in excruciating pain on a street at Kolapakkam. Recently, in Chennai, a stray dog found in very critical condition. It was rescued by a resident, animal activists provided it with medical ...

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Air Gun Offered On Discount To Shoot Stray Dogs

Shoot stray dogs

Recently, Supreme Court slammed Kerala for `killing stray dogs for celebration’,  and now another anti-stray dog programme has begun to eradicate stray dog menace. The programme has been organized by a college alumni association. They have started offering discount on air guns to shoot stray dogs. Air Guns to shoot ...

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K9 School India Educated Pet lovers About Desi Dogs

Desi dogs1

New Delhi : Recently, on 2nd October’16, K9 School India conducted an engaging seminar about desi dogs at their training center in Chattarpur. The objective of the seminar was to educate the pet lovers about desi dogs, their treatment while catering to the problems associated with them. K9 School India educated ...

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A Tempo Driver Killed Four Newborn Puppies In Patiala

Four Newborn Puppies

Recently, in Patiala, a tempo driver had allegedly killed four newborn puppies due to brutal treatment while transporting them. The driver had stuffed the puppies in a gunny bag, and they were later found dead. The volunteer of the Human Society International(HSI) NGO, Prapti Bajaj has submitted a complaint to the police alleging that ...

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World Rabies Day Being Observed By Panchkula MC Today

World Rabies Day

It’s 28 September – World Rabies Day! Municipal Corporation of Panchkula has decided to observe World Rabies Day today by organizing a walkathon. The walkathon is organized for spreading awareness among people about rabies and the measures they need to take in case of dog bites. Dog bite cases After ...

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Stray Dogs Killed, Hung Upside Down On A Pole In Kerala

Stray dogs killed

Stray dogs killed again! Recently, the activists in Kerala protested against stray dog menace in the state. They walked on the streets of Kottayam district with five dead dogs hung upside down on a pole while raising slogans against state and central government for not curbing the stray dog menace. ...

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