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Thursday , March 23 2023
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Bengaluru Man Buys A 20 Crore Dog
Cadabom Hayder is a Caucasian Shepherd aged 1.5 years

Bengaluru Man Buys A 20 Crore Dog

Bengaluru is known for several things, but did you know that the city also has one of the most costly dogs in the world? So Satish, the president of the Indian Dog Breeder Association, has bought a rare breed of dog named Cadaboms Kennel.

Satish is known for buying high-quality and expensive dogs. The latest addition to his dog collection is a rare Caucasian Shepherd. The Caucasian Shepherd breed is mainly found in places like Armenia, Turkey, Circassia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, and Georgia.

The Hyderabad owner contacted Satish5 to inform them about the dog. Satish was intrigued by it and showed interest in buying the same. Unfortunately, the dog owner sold it at a mammoth price of Rs. 20 crores. Satish has named the 1.5-year-old dog Cadabom Hayder.

The Caucasus Shepherd breed is one of the best shepherd dogs in the world. These dogs can attack wolves, which is why they are usually used as security dogs in Russia. This breed of dog was created in the 20th century by Soviet breeders. They selected a few best breeds out of the Caucasian region for the same.

Besides Caucasian shepherds, Satish owns several other rare breeds of dogs. For example, he buys a Korean Dosa Mastiff, which costs him around Rs. 1 crore. Satish has also sent his dogs to competitions. His ‘20 crore dog’ won over 32 medals in Trivandrum Kennel Club and Crown Classic Dog Show events. Reports also indicate that he bought another two puppies of the same breed for Rs. 5 crores.

Nowadays, Satish has two pups of the same breed brought for Rs 5 crore. “I have planned to keep the dogs and puppies to myself. They need extra care and nutrition, and I have people to look after them. He said, “Hayder will need frequent brushing because it can result in shedding. Routine cleaning of the ears and clipping of nails is mandatory.”

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