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Wednesday , August 17 2022
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A Siberian Husky Abducted From Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

A Siberian Husky abducted from Vasant Kunj by two men in SUV.

New Delhi: As per the reports, two unidentified men dragged a Siberian Husky dog into an SUV and drove off from Vasant Kunj. Delhi police believes that the abduction was planned by some animal traders dealing in foreign breeds. Siberian Husky is quite a rare breed to be found in India and after the ban on import of pedigree dog breeds, their demand has increased exponentially.

This incident has become an eye-opener for all pet owners who own pedigree dog breeds, to be careful and increase their pet’s security.

Siberian Husky Abducted

The Siberian Husky abducted belonged to Mr. Khan, a customs clearance officer. He told Delhi police that the incident took place on Saturday around 6.30 a.m. He took the Siberian Husky named “Zorro” for the usual morning walk. He unleashed Zorro as the road was empty on the stretch near a forested area. The two unidentified men accosted them and dragged Zorro into a Toyota Innova car that was parked nearby. The owner Mr. Khan tried to chase the car, but the men drove off to the Ridge area.

The owner believes that the pair of abductors were probably tracking their movements and planned the abduction accordingly. Mr. Khan immediately informed the police and registered an FIR in the Vasant Kunj police station. A case of theft has been registered.

According to canine experts, there are only four breeders in Delhi who deal in Siberian Huskies. A full-grown adult Husky usually costs around Rs. 1 Lakh, while puppies can be bought for around Rs 50,000 each. Rearing this dog, a native of the snow-bound Arctic regions, is difficult in India due to the hot weather.

Mr. Khan’s gift to his Daughter

“A friend had brought two Siberian Huskies from Europe, but neither was comfortable living with the other. He always  complained to me about the dogs. One day, I offered to adopt one of them and give it to my daughter as a gift. My friend was overwhelmed by the offer and I left his house with Zorro on Alisha’s birthday.”

The news of abduction shocked and saddened the family of Mr. Khan.

“My vacations were on and this was the only time in the year when I could spend a whole day playing with Zorro, I often took him out for strolls. I hope he is safe wherever he is and comes back to us,” said Kashif, Khan’s youngest son.

Family members say that dogs of this breed require regular attention. Zorro was given cold water every half hour. His meals consisted of boiled chicken, curd, cheese and milk.

The search for the dog is on!

Source: Times Of India


“The neighbours who go out for morning walk on regular basis spotted Zoro (the dog) tied to a pole in the park around 5 AM. We rushed to the spot and, yes, it was him,” Aftab Khan, the owner of the dog said.

The police is trying to track down the gang that abducted the dog!

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