A Dog Teaches A Baby To Crawl
Wednesday , December 8 2021
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A Dog Teaches A Baby To Crawl
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A Dog Teaches A Baby To Crawl

You cannot deny the fact that dogs are one of the cutest creations of God with loyal and helpful abilities. In a recent video that has gone viral on the internet these days, you can see a little dog teaching a baby how to crawl. Well, yes, you read that right!

The cute video was posted by a Twitter user named Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Officer.

Nanda often treats his followers and Twitter family with fascinating and super cute wildlife videos, but in a recent dog, the video is surely one of the favorites.

The video captioned “Teaching is a work of heart. Doggy teaching the design and art of crawling to the baby is so beautiful”.

Now, if you are already super-excited about the video, here it is for you!

In the clip, you can see a Pomeranian dog teaching a baby to crawl. The 18-second clip has won the hearts of users around the internet.

What are your views on the video?

Source: Zee News

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