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Wednesday , August 17 2022
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Winter Exercise

5 Winter Exercise Tips For Your Dog

As we all know that winters are almost here, remember that cold weather can be as hard on our dogs as it is on us. It is important to make sure your dog gets its daily exercise. Even if it is one of those days where it is impossibly cold to go outside, you can still give your dog the exercise it needs.

Here are 5 pet winter exercise tips to keep your dog active and healthy during cold weather!

1. Take them to indoor fitness classes (If available)

Winter Exercise_1

In the winter season, active dog breeds such as Labs and Shepherds require plenty of exercises. Indoor fitness classes are organized by some canine houses. You can take them to these fitness classes where they can run, jump, swim in a hot water pool, etc.

If you cannot take them to these canine houses, you can always plan things at your own home as well. Indoor fitness classes for dogs also help them socialize and get along better with other dogs.

2. Play Hide and Seek

Winter Exercise_ 6

Isn’t it fun to play games with your pet? If it is too cold outside to take your dog to a park or something, you can always have fun by playing hide and seek inside your home.

Playing hide and seek games with dogs also helps to strengthen their memory cues. Call out your dog’s name in a playful, friendly manner and tell them to find you. When it finds you, praise them with treats and lots of petting.

Another fun game is to hide treats for your dogs in certain locations of your home. Dogs are naturally curious and love to explore and sniff, especially when searching out their favorite treats.

3. Get funny & engaging toys

Winter Exercise_3

During the winter season, pets usually feel lazy and like to sleep all day. It is important to get your pets moving! Find fun, engaging toys that encourage them to move, chew, play, etc.

Dogs love to chase and pounce on toys that move, roll or make some kind of noise. Some toys can be a puzzle for your pet dog. They have to use their mind to solve the puzzle in order to get their treat. You can also try to play fetch games but be careful.

When playing with pets indoors, make sure there are no dangerous hazards that could injure your pet dog.

4. Playtime in the snow

Winter Exercise_4

If you are living in a hilly area during winters, snow is a blessing. Dogs love snow. Playing in the snow can keep your dog active and make its muscles strong. However, make sure that your dog breed can handle snow. If not, you need to dress them accordingly.

Use good judgment, keep a watchful eye on your pet dog at all times, and limit their playtime in the snow. Always make sure that their paws are clean before letting them in. Cold paws can cause cracked paw pads and redness.

5. Take a walk with your dog

Winter Exercise_5

When it is not snowing, go for a walk. Dress your dog for the occasion and go for it. If you cannot go early in the morning, go when the sun is out.

If it is too cold outside and the sun isn’t out, you can always have them running inside the house a little bit. If you have a treadmill, it can work too. Let them drink plenty of water during the winter season. Cold air can dry out their nose and skin. So, keep them hydrated.

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