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3 Puppies Burnt Alive

3 Puppies Burnt Alive & A Dog Shot In Hyderabad

Two separate heartbreaking incidents shocked Hyderabad and the people of India this week! 3 puppies burnt alive in a field was filmed for fun and the video has uploaded on Facebook as well. In the other incident, a dog was shot for fun.

It seems like humans are finding out new cruel ways every day to torture and kill dogs!

3 Puppies Burnt Alive

On 16 July, a video of 3 puppies burnt alive by a group of boys went viral on Facebook. The incident took place at Vazir graveyard near Ek Minar mosque in Hyderabad’s Musheerabad area. In the 3 minute video, five boys were seen throwing the puppies into fire made out of burning wood and garbage. When the puppies started screaming and tried to come out, the boys were seen pushing them back into the fire using sticks. They waited till the puppies were burnt completely.

Warning Graphic Video: 3 Puppies Burnt Alive & A Dog Shot

The case is under investigation and the police are trying to identify the persons involved.

B Ravi Kumar Reddy, Musheerabad sub-inspector said,“We have not arrested anybody so far. We are still trying to identify the persons in the video. Prima facie, they all appear to be minors. The case is under investigation.”

Animal rights activist Shreya said it was evident from the first video that the boys were drawing vicarious pleasure from roasting the puppies alive in the fire. “Unfortunately, there is no harsh punishment for such gruesome killings of animals. They would get away with some fine,” she regretted.

A man shoots dog with an airgun

In the second incident, a man was seen shooting dogs with an airgun. While one dog managed to run away, another dog collapsed after being shot. This happened in Nampally area. The video was sent to Nampally police along with a formal complaint against the shooter from an unknown person.

Humane Society International activist Navamita Mukherjee described the two incidents of animal cruelty as “Shocking!”

“We hope that the police and court takes swift and stern action for this inexplicable violence against the animals. A psychiatric evaluation should also be made. It is an indicator of serious anti-social behaviour, including criminal offences and violence towards women and children,” she said.

These disturbing videos come just weeks after of a man throwed a dog from a roof at Kundrathur in Chennai.

Source: hindustantimes

Join the fight in getting these culprits punished!

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