13 Dog Bite Cases Reported In Mohali In 2 Days | Chandigarh
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Stray dog bite cases

13 Dog Bite Cases Reported In Mohali In 2 Days | Chandigarh

A day before yesterday we reported about a dog bite case in Phase 2 Mohali, and by today the number of dog bite cases in Mohali has risen to 13!

Among the 13 cases reported, there were two children who were bitten by stray dogs in different parts of the town. Although the victims have been given anti-rabies vaccine at the phase 5 civil hospital, Mohali – the frequent dog biting cases is alarming and worrying.

Victims of stray dog bite case

The first victim, 3- year old Stayan Yadav, a resident of Badhmajra Village, was sitting in front of his house when a stray dog allegedly attacked him. The dog bite him on the face and arms. His family members had to intervene to save him from the dog.

The second victim, 8- year old Dhiljot singh, a resident of phase 5, Mohali, was returning to home with his mother when two stray dogs from the locality allegedly attacked both of them.

Ramanpreet Kaur, the mother of the victim said, “Diljot was riding his bicycle when two dogs attacked us all of sudden. I escaped unhurt while one of the dogs bit my son on the thigh.”

The third victim, Parveen Kumar, a labor and resident of Mataur village, was allegedly attacked by a stray dog when he was returning home after work. He was bitten on his ankle and hand. All the victims were taken to the Civil Hospital, Phase 5, Mohali.

13 dog bite cases in 2 days

According to sources at the Civil Hospital, 13 dog-bite cases were received by the hospital in the past two days.

A senior medical officer, Dr Om Raj Goldie, said that lately they have been receiving 8 to 10 dog-bite cases daily.

 “We have adequate anti-rabies vaccine here,” he said, adding that serious cases were being referred to hospitals in Chandigarh.

Are concerned authorities taking a note? Why there hasn’t been any action taken on sterilization of stray dogs in Mohali? We will keep asking these questions until they get answered and acknowledged by concerned authorities.

Source: The Tribune

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