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Thursday , October 22 2020
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What Does Your Dog’s Bark Mean?

We believe that trying to understand a dog’s bark is quite similar to understanding a baby’s cry. While mothers’ can easily tell from a baby’s cry whether they are hungry, hurt or need a diaper change, it is not easy to decode the bark of a dog.

When babies grow up, they can express themselves by talking, but what about dogs? They can’t talk like humans to express what they are feeling, so they try to communicate thru their body language and with their barks! We’ve tried to explain what their barks really mean to make it easier for you to understand what your pet dog is trying to say:

1. Incessant and fast-paced barking at a medium pitch


This kind of barking means that the dog is trying to communicate with its pack for help. This kind of bark can be commonly heard when stray dogs try to call their pack to help them deal with a territorial issue. A pet dog will bark like this, if it feels threatened about its territory, for example: its bed!

2. Short and fast-paced barking in bursts with a few pauses (from low to medium pitch)


You might notice this kind of bark when you leave your dog home alone for a longer duration. They bark in this tone to get your attention!

3. Non-stop barking with intervals


This kind of bark can be commonly heard from guard dogs or even small toy breeds. They bark like this when they believe there is a problem or danger around you or them.

4. Single or couple of barks at a medium pitch


This is a general type of bark commonly heard from all kind of breeds. It’s like a greeting bark, you can notice them when you take them to a dog park, or when they meet a new dog or a new person.

5. One quick and small bark at a lower pitch


It is their way of saying to stop doing whatever you are doing to them at that moment. You can hear this kind of bark when you are trying to bathe a dog who doesn’t like it!

6. One jagged and tiny bark at a higher pitch


This is a curious type of bark. They bark like this when they are confused and don’t understand what’s happening around them!

7. Just one yap at a high pitch


When your dog is hurt, he will bark like this. A sudden pinch or pain can cause them to bark like this!

8. Series of howling type barks


Hearing this type of bark is considered inauspicious as per some Indian myths. However, this kind of bark means that the dog is hurting and needs help. If you hear this type of bark coming from a stray dog or your pet dog, rush them to a vet!

9. Very short barks at a medium pitch


They usually bark like this when you are getting ready to take them out for a walk or going to play with them.

10. A fun bark starting from lower and rising to the medium pitch


This kind of barking is like music to the ears of a dog lover. It means that they are having fun and very happy!

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