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Saturday , July 20 2024
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10 Facts About Golden Retrievers

10 Facts About Golden Retrievers

Everybody knows that dogs hit first on the list of most favored pets. No one can question their choice due to their caring and loving nature, making them the best emotional support animal. There are several types of emotional support dog breeds to pick.

Still, Golden retrievers are among the most famous family pet dog breeds across the world. They are originally from Scotland and are in the retrievers’ dog family, which has five other breeds. Dogs are always loving, caring, and devoted to their companions; those who own golden retrievers can certify this.

Golden retrievers are well known for their floppy ears, nice golden coat color, and lovely feathering. These beautiful pups were originally bred to retrieve birds for hunters, but nowadays, they are trendy family pets, service, and therapy dogs.

Owners of golden retrievers will always enjoy playing with them, specifically with interactive toys, because these dogs are energetic and endlessly bring whatever toy you toss.

This article will cover what you need to know about golden retrievers and help you figure out what you can expect when you have one.

Some Facts About Golden Retrievers

1. Golden retrievers are great family dogs

Golden retrievers rank among the top three most popular dogs in the US annually. They are fiercely loyal and obedient dogs that like to spend time with people they consider family. Moreover, being highly tolerant of children and other pets makes them the ideal family dog.

The golden retriever dogs are active and playful, even around children and strangers. However, despite their outgoing nature, these dogs are also very gentle with kids. This personality of golden retrievers makes them a perfect family dog that merges in well with their companions and other pets.

Based on some information on golden retrievers, they show a high pain tolerance and can hide injuries that most dog breeds would not. Always monitor your dog when playing to avoid any hazard that may harm him.

cheerful adorable kid pretending veterinarian and examining golden retriever in children room

2. They are easy to train

You would love to own a dog who can easily be trained and show good progress. The golden retriever breed stands out as one of the very trainable dog breeds. These dogs have been used as service dogs in different situations.

Moreover, they are always the best breed to act in TV shows and movies. They enjoy being trained and follow instructions down to the letter. They were the first three dogs to win the AKC obedience championship.

3. They are good swimmers

Unlike most other dog breeds, golden love playing in the water and are very good at swimming. Their water-loving intuitions are attributed to their history. Their original goal was to fetch gunned-down birds from lakes, rivers, and swamps for Scottish hunters. So inherently, they have been interacting with water for hundreds of years.

If you are a great swimmer, you can never find a better partner in water than the golden retriever. They will spice up your water moments with catch and fetch games which also help build a stronger bond with him.

4. Goldens are prone to separation anxiety

The golden retrievers are very sensitive to feeling sad when lonely. This is because they enjoy our companions, and those who own them can tell how passionate they are. However, when left lonely for long periods, these dogs tend to be sad, anxious, and show symptoms of depression.

Some dog breeds can be left alone for extended hours; however, professionals have advised that goldens should not be left lonely for 7 hours.

5. They love carrying objects with their mouths

Golden retrievers will put anything that fits within their mouth and carry them along as they walk. They still hold their instinct, having been born to retrieve gunned-down birds from water bodies.

You will see your golden retriever gently having a toy or object in his mouth when welcoming you back home. This is because they have a very soft mouth that allows them to carry any object gently without tampering with it. For example, it has been observed that they can carry an egg without breaking the shell.

6. They are best-suited therapy dogs

A therapy dog has been trained to offer people affection, comfort, and support. They are primarily used in hospitals, elderly homes, disaster areas, libraries, and other places.

Due to their intelligence and passionate sense of human emotions, they are good choices for therapy or canine assistance. Moreover, they are easy to train, and they can learn to help carry out certain activities for people with mental or physical disabilities.

When choosing the best dog breed to be trained for therapy, golden retrievers are usually top on the list. This is mainly because they are loyal, intelligent, loving, obedient, and gentle and also have great nature to please people.

Golden Retriever


7. They have a special fur

They have specially designed fur, which has two layers. The outer layer is waterproof to protect the water from reaching their skin while swimming, and the inner layer acts as a warming blanket. As a golden retriever gets older, the fur gradually gets darker.

8. They are natural athletes

The same features that make golden retrievers great hunting partners also make them ultimate athletes. Blessed with a broad heads, muscular bodies, and strong necks, they are a solid and energetic breed with the stamina to run for a lengthy period. Moreover, Golden Retrievers love to chase and catch things. Thus, they need constant exercise daily to exert their qualities.

9. They tend to overeat

Golden retrievers are very enthusiastic and motivated about food. Therefore, they will tend to chew and swallow any sweet edible thing they bite.

If your dog has a high need for food, you can start by cutting off the carbs and processed sugars from his diet. It is very common for unmonitored golden retrievers to become obese and devise other medical conditions.

10. They shed a lot

Every golden retriever owner will tell stories of encountering dog hair in most places within the house. During the summer and winter, they relatively shed their hair, but in spring and fall, they shed a lot.

Brushing your dog regularly also helps untangle knots that may collect dander and make your golden retriever feel uncomfortable. Grooming a golden retriever daily should be expected when you own this dog breed.

As you can see, Golden Retrievers are amazing pets. They have high energy, but their loyalty and kindness will always win your heart. With a Golden Retriever at your side, we think it’s safe to say that you will have a trustworthy furry friend for life!

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