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Wednesday , December 8 2021
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10 Dog-Care Facts Every Golden Retriever Dog's Owner Needs to Know

10 Dog Care Facts Every Golden Retriever Dog’s Owner Needs to Know

Who doesn’t love a Golden Retriever? Well, if you are planning on owning one, you must be aware of these exclusive retriever facts about your furry friend.

Dogs are equally troubled by separation anxiety, depression, stress like humans do, but unlike humans, they can’t share their pain by using words. Read the entire article to know some amazing dog care facts for your Golden Retriever.

Dog Care Facts For Your Golden Retriever

1. Temperament

If something is common to all Golden Retrievers, it has to be their friendly, cheerful, utmostly devoted personalities that charms everyone. They are more fun to have around when you or kids in your family tend to get involved in their playtime.

2. Care and Grooming

Care and Grooming

As far as grooming and care are concerned, the Goldens have a thick, water-repellent twofold coat, which can be wavy or straight. Its coat ideally requires to be brushed two times every seven days to help control shedding. Golden retrievers also have solid, quickly developing nails that require regular cutting or crushing to prevent mishaps, parting, and splitting.

Teeth ought to be consistently brushed with exclusive dog toothpaste every day. Other important grooming routines include deworming, vaccination, cleaning paws, etc. some of which need to be carried out by expert professionals or vets.

3. Training

Dog Training

Like basic training, all dogs should be taught to take commands such as ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘lay down,’ and ‘come. ‘These will keep him safe as well as keep you away from troubles in many different situations. Given the breed’s genetic constitution, this d can be easily trained by family members and owners to learn the simple commands mentioned above.

Go to a training class or hire a trainer if you don’t know how to teach these simple commands, or follow a good dog training guide. Golden retrievers are extremely obedient and hence, take up commands and respond quickly to training. So, you can teach it various interesting activities that will help you, entertain you, and even keep it away from destructive chewing of household items.

4. Food Habit and Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Balanced nutrients and a proper quantity of food, are important all throughout a brilliant retriever’s life. A male Golden retriever ideally weighs between 65 – 75 pounds; a female retriever weighs between 55 – 65 pounds. Many canine food companies have breed-explicit food items, depending upon the size and age of your Golden Retriever.

The Golden retriever has specific requirements, so consider discussing with your veterinarian to decide the best diet and food item to guarantee your pet stays safe.

Always ensure your pet’s water can, and the meal is free from hazardous insects or objects. Ensure its water mug is always clean and change the water from time to time so that it doesn’t choke itself or contract waterborne diseases.

5. Health Risks

Golden retrievers are generally not too prone to extreme health risks with a life span of 12 to 14 years. However, improper maintenance, lack of coat, irregular bathing routines may develop some health issues, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, eye disease, and cardiac disease.

It’s best to maintain a healthy diet, proper exercising routine, and regular health check-ups if you own this dog breed. The more value you add to its life from its early childhood, the more healthy and pain-free old age it can enjoy.

6. Exercise

Golden retrievers need ample exercise regularly; they love playing outside, specifically swimming. If you want to prevent health disorders like hip dysplasia, arthritis, etc. in its old age, keep it active from its very childhood.

Indulge it in outdoor sports or vacationing with the family to spend time with it so that its mental health is taken care of. As loyal they are, it’s easy for Golden to feel neglected or left out in the family.

7. Bath or wash

Bath or wash

The Golden Retriever requires normal washing and prepping. This lively canine can be washed as much as twice every week consistently. Its washing regimen can be delayed to up to no longer than 6 weeks at a go. Its twofold coat, ordinary showers, and appropriate drying are enough to maintain healthy skin and coat free from infections.

8. Shedding

Managing shedding may seem quite daunting if you own a Golden Retriever, but after all, it’s not too treacherous to keep you away from owning a Golden. Everything needs maintenance, and Golden retriever are medium to high-shed breeds, thus requiring plenty of coat maintenance.

You have to brush the coat at least twice each week to prevent too much shedding. Look out for ticks and fleas, wash with an anti-tick shampoo and brush its coat if you find any. Consult your vet before choosing medication for ticks, and you may even have to remove and kill ticks manually after shampooing.

9. Paw Care

Paw Care

Additionally, if it grows furs in between its paws, you have to trim those to prevent the accumulation of moisture and germs. Don’t let water accumulate in your Golden retriever’s paws because pododermatitis is a major disease caused by it.

Avoid walking it on watered areas, and clean the paws after each walk. Blow-dry the paws, and if you find any symptoms of skin infection near the paw, consult a vet immediately.

10. Develop a Healthy Relationship

Last but important, develop a strong bond with your Golden as you have with your family. Don’t neglect it at any time, and most importantly, allow it to socialize with outsiders as often as possible. This will reduce its mental troubles if you have adopted an adult one.

Plus, this will create a strong feeling of being loved and cared for in its mind that will be healthy for the dog and for all of you. So, it is essential to develop a healthy emotional quotient with it and emotionally communicate with it to assure you are always there by its side.


This dog breed has an awesome temperament. They are anything but difficult to train and are extremely delicate with kids. They are sturdy, diligent, and can be introduced as a family as well as a guard dog. Regardless of the well-known clinical issues of this breed, most Golden Retriever owners “go Golden forever.”

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