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Wednesday , December 8 2021
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What Supplies Do I Need For A New Dog

What Supplies Do I Need For A New Dog?

Congratulations! Bringing home a furry kid — it’s one of the most exciting things in the world! First of all, it’s a room tour and meeting with family members. But what should you do before your four-pawed friend comes home?

Obviously, as a responsible dog owner — make sure that you have already prepared and get ready to bring your doggy at first. We want to present you with a list of dog must-haves. Waudog.com — your advisor and reliable provider of dog supplies. Ready, steady, go!

Here are some basic items you need before bringing your doggy home: bed, crate, bowl, food. What else? Of course gear, the right choice directly affects the safety and quality of the walk.

But what criteria are important in choosing the gear? How to choose the best collar, and take the right measurements? Do you need an ID tag and what is it? Keep calm and continue reading. We have answers to all your questions.

How to buy dog collars online and not be mistaken with the choice?

How to buy dog collars online and not be mistaken with the choice

Firstly, you should be careful with measurements when choosing the collar for your dog. Measure from the top of the dog’s chest, fully around its neck. Leave it loose enough so that you can easily fit 2 fingers underneath it.

It is very important that the collar is not too tight, and does not interfere with the respiratory process of the animal. Follow our advice and no risk to buy dog collars online.

Secondly, take into consideration the individual characteristics of your dog: the breed and behavior in general. For example, if your dog is very active and doesn’t walk past a puddle, he likes to swim in the lake and wallow in the mud.

We know exactly what you need! This waterproof collar by WAUDOG is made of innovative water- and dirt-resistant material — Collartex. It’s extremely durable yet flexible and lightweight — makes a truly perfect waterproof collar for your pooch!

If you love to attract attention during the walk — your dog should be dressed in the same way. We have a unique collection of collars with trendy patterns. Wear the Nylon collar by Waudog and your dog becomes a real trendsetter each outing.

We have a large choice of attractive patterns for stylish doggy according to your preferences: Summer, Red Plaid, Avocado, and WOW. Moreover, Waudog has a unique pattern licensed by NASA.

We are very proud of such an opportunity to advance the aeronautics industry and be close to space. Both previous collections have harnessed in the same style — buy a dog harness online and complete your dog’s look.

Why do you need to buy an ID tag for your dog?

Why do you need to buy an ID tag for your dog

It is profitable to buy accessories for dogs online on Waudog.com because all our collars and harnesses are equipped with free ID tags as a bonus for our beloved fluffy clients. The main purpose of the ID tag is to ensure the maximum safety of the animal and the peace of mind of the owner.

The ID tag is made of lightweight material – plastic and has a circular shape. The tag is equipped with a modern solution for personalizing the pet in the form of a QR code. By scanning the QR code, you are transferred to the mobile application.

The application is multifunctional, here you can save your pet’s passport, veterinary documents, set vaccination reminders, and receive cash back from purchases, etc.

In case your pet is lost: as soon as the person who found the dog scans the QR code, you will immediately receive a notification with the dog’s geolocation.

We hope that now you understand the importance of gear and the role of ID tags in the question of your pet’s safety. Remember, that we are always ready to help!

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